How to NOT ruin your personal brand at a networking event

How to NOT ruin your personal brand at a networking event

The aim of networking is really to make connections, let people know you as a person before your credentials. Networkers do not like “know it alls”!

A networker who comes into conversations and preaches with ‘I have the solution for you because I know everything’ attitude is not very much liked by others. In our social lives, you build relationships with some form of synergy and commonality, an interest you may both have, or a group. In networking for business you can also connect in the same way, and that you are more interested in them than yourself, and a friendly follow up is as important as the initial connection.

It is okay to be assertive and act like a leader, just do not go overboard and be more obnoxious than helpful. It would be different if someone asks you for advice and you ‘as the expert’ share your ideas and thoughts. Although, networking events are not the place for detailed advice or consultation. Politely and tactfully (better strategically for you anyway) that you suggest a time and place to meet for a consultation, whether paid or free.

Maximise your time at a networking event, create new connections, build relationships with new and existing contacts.

‘A Preacher’ is a BIG mistake and affects your personal brand.

‘The Preacher’ Video Credits: Paul Duncan, Zie Cooper, Anita Bobanac

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