29 Creative Business Names in Perth

29 Creative Business Names in Perth

We have all come across creative business names and have wondered what that name means and what is the story behind the name.

We have compiled 29 names in Perth that have caught our attention like Pruvit, Milkshake Productions, DIME, 3x5x7, DreamVast & Qbit.

Having the name like Nifnex has opened so many conversations in the past 7 years. For those who don’t know, Nifnex stands for Nifty & Nexus which means Smart Connections.

Check out the names and their meanings.
If you have a creative name and an interesting meaning / reason for the name, feel free to share it with us. http://nifnex.com.au/have-your-say-what-does-your-business-name-have-a-creative-meaning/

1) Two Feet & a Heartbeat; Perth
We are a walking tour company and the name refers to the fact that you don’t need any specialised equipment to come on a tour with us. It was actually a phrase my Mom used to say to me before I sat for my drivers licence. She used to have to drive me all over town for extra curricular activities….when she was tired of being my chauffeur she would say to me….”You’ve got two feet & a heartbeat” which meant it would be up to me to walk to where I needed to go.

2) Milkshake Promotions; Perth
Our Milkshake brings all the boys(and girls) to the yard. Once we sing the song, people understand the name instantly and it makes it very easy to remember later.

We supply support and staffing to automotive dealership displays to generate sales leads.


3) Tri-W Pty Ltd; Western Australia
People are at the center of Tri-W business: Wisdom for doing the right things rightly; Wellness in the workplace, bringing out full potentials and greater outcomes; Wealth and creating value
Iceberg Media Pty Ltd; Western Australia
Iceberg is about maximising the potential of any business by looking what’s under the surface and exploring hidden potentials.


4) Tiny Giants; Perth
We created Tiny Giants to create ways to broaden little minds and encourage children to think big, be creative, kind and connect with the grown up’s in their lives.
The Pickled Paintbrush; Perth
Pickled is a slang term for drunk. It’s also a technique for making wood look aged. Paintbrush relates to the art side of my business so we are really talking about a drunk artist 🙂 Also having the 2 main words start with P makes it quirky and memorable. I am an artist and I have hair a bit like a paintbrush and it’s pink! In fact at the moment I have the same style as Pink the singer when she appeared on Ellen with pink hair last year I think.

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Top 18 Guest Presentation Tips by Perth’s Business Community

Top 18 Guest Presentation Tips by Perth’s Business Community

Being invited to speak at events as a Guest Speaker is a privilege and honour. Whilst many would rather hide under a rock, this is an opportunity to share (your knowledge) , shine (your personal brand) and succeed (in business).

We at Nifnex have organized many many many events and invited the business community to share their expertise and knowledge with the community. If you are looking for opportunities to speak or learn from others, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned to our weekly events.

So, what would you do and how would you prepare when you are invited to present at an event?

Perth Business Community have shared their tips below and admit almost all of them felt humbled, honoured, nervous, proud etc.
Below are the Top 18 Tips from Perth’s Business Community. Please do acknowledge them sharing their tips by liking and sharing on social media or come and say hello to them at our weekly networking events.
Presentation Tip 1 – Gerald Richards; 3X5X7
Like any success, a good and memorable presentation takes planning and practice.
So when planning your presentation ask yourself these questions.
1. Why am I making this presentation? (E.g. In what context is it given? What is its purpose? Is it to inform? Is it to influence? Are the objectives clearly defined?)
2. Why are the participants attending? (E.g. Told to or want to? What benefits they will receive?)
3. How will I involve the audience? (E.g. Will I ask them questions? Can they ask questions and when? Will I have a quiz? Will they be required to do something during the presentation? Will it be a “spray and pray” presentation – I spray the information and pray they are listening? Will it be the use of one medium, like death by PowerPoint?)
4. What do I want the participants to do after the presentation? (E.g. What commitment do I want from them? What action do I want them to take, other than leave the room? Do my expectations match my stated objectives in 1 above?).
• Prepare, prepare, prepare
• Make it fun, it’s not life and death
• Know your audience and the number attending
• Break down your presentation by each minute
• Ascertain what are the expectations of the organiser/person who invited you
• Make it interactive (20% presentation, 80% participation)
• Have someone briefly introduce you, your experience and why you should be presenting
• Tell them what you are going to tell them (Introduction). Tell them what you said you would tell them (Main). Tell them what you told them (Conclusion)
• Use various state changes to maintain audience attention and interest
• Understand the principles of adult learning
• Engage in multi-sense learning
• Never use notes
• Start on time
• Finish on time
• Never apologise
• Be positive, congratulate and thank the audience for their input
• Talk to people, not at or down to them
• Move around and between your audience
• Get rid of physical barriers (lecterns, tables, etc.)
• Welcome people challenging what you say
• Use as many audio and visual aids as possible
• On a slide only use one word bullet points
• Never display a sentence to and audience and read it to them
• Review the presentation (What was good? What, if anything, could be done differently? Who did most of the talking? What was achieved?)
REMEMBER. The brain can absorb what the bum can endure.

Presentation Tip 2 – Lara Silbert; Latte Communications
1. No cue cards – you don’t see them at TED Talks, right? If you practice, you don’t need them.
2. Make the presentation as participative as possible, so that people engage with the experience.
3. Create some take-home materials so that people will remember you, and remember what you’ve shared.”

Presentation Tip 3 – Vivek Narayan
Be strong and confident and don’t bore your audience.

Presentation Tip 4 – Abheeti Kathryn Pass; Crypto Clothesline Podcast
Over prepare and go with the flow

Presentation Tip 5 – Rod Lawson Kerr; Perth Photo Restorations
Stay on topic, make your presentation interesting but not too heavy. Some presentations, whilst interesting, have been too heavy and the listener finds their attention drifting. Keep the audience engaged.

Presentation Tip 6 – Michael Worthington; 101 Media Group
Link stories that are relevant to your topic through your speak.

Presentation Tip 7 – Anthony Parker
Retain what worked, change or improve what didn’t.
Have a point.
State it clearly and restate it.
Be aware of non-verbal communication.
Enjoy yourself.

Presentation Tip 8 – Linda Blackshaw
1. Know your audience and research what they need.
2. Keep personal story short and relevant and spaced through the speech. A big clump ar the beginning switches the audience off
3. Vary length of sentences, vary tones in speaking. You don’t want to put your audience to sleep.
4. Use some humor (not jokes).
5. Invite questions. If you don’t know an answer say something like “”That’s an interesting question”” while you think of a reply.
6.Time is important, so pace your speech.
7. Ask the MC is there time for questions then you can say we’ll have time for 3 or whatever number quick questions.
8. Finish with something like if you have further questions or want to know more. Connect on FB or pick up my business card or the details are in the programme.”

Presentation Tip 9 – Caleb Tan; Presento Labs
Know if people are going to be eating whilst they listen to you. Competing against lunch can be hard, so keep your presentations simple, filled with stories, and have one clear call to action.

Presentation Tip 10 – Najma Khan; La Trobe Bookkeeping
Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge – yes we all get nervous but if we are knowledgeable on the topic we are presenting then the nervousness really subsides.

Presentation Tip 11 – Craig Hollins; PPS
Don’t be daunted or have self doubt. You’ve been asked because someone thinks you’re good in your field.

Presentation Tip 12 – Amanda Hobley; Amanda Hobley Naturopath
Ground yourself in the moment and speak from your heart

Presentation Tip 13 – Charles Sondergaard; Sondergaard Accountants
Be passionate about the topic, love what you speak about

Presentation Tip 14 – Michael Brien
Remember you are talking because people want to hear something interesting not because you want to talk and get credit .

Presentation Tip 15 – Zora Harvie; Soul Sista Coach
Know your audience and learn about the organisation who invite you. Have fun.

Presentation Tip 16 – Craig French Hendry; Creative Aero
Come with an open mind

Presentation Tip 17 – Paul Duncan; Competitive Edge Coaching
Identify the important facts/Information/Tools/Resources you would like to present -Then bullet point them in a logical sequence – deliver your presentation following that sequence

Presentation Tip 18 – Adam Przytula; Armed For Life
Be honest and vulnerable as well as provide practical points that people can act upon to change what you are talking about (humour helps as well)

I hope you have enjoyed reading the above Guest Presentation tips and can implement a few at your next Guest presentation opportunity.

Take the Social Media Personality Test: Which Social Media Platform Suits Your Personality Best As a Marketer? 


Don’t dabble on your digital marketing… Dominate it!

Don’t dabble on your digital marketing… Dominate it!

To have success online,  businesses must focus on one channel and dominate that channel. Only then should they move to open up other channels. This approach works because each channel is very different and what works on one channel often doesn’t work on another. We interviewed Steve Fitzpatrick from Digital Domination to find out more about how businesses should dominate the digital marketing. Must read interview

Steve please tell us about Digital Domination and the name behind it?

[SF] When it comes to digital marketing, so many people dabble with all the cool, shiny things. A little bit of Google, a little bit of Facebook, a little bit of Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, infographics, podcasts, lead magnets and so on. We’ve been there before… dabbling in all kinds of things. However, when you take this approach you find you’re really busy, but not getting anywhere or getting any tangible results.

There’s one golden rule we now follow; Don’t Dabble… Dominate.

Digital Domination is all about dominating your market by dominating one channel at a time until you reach saturation. That’s the key to growth.

What makes Digital Domination different from other digital marketers?

[SF] Our strategic blueprints that we design for all clients is a very different approach to digital marketing. Most business owners can’t tell us what their current agency is doing. It’s like a secret black art.

We decided it would be easier for business owners and marketing managers if they could see what is going on. So, we decided to map out the strategy. We call these our blueprints. They show what happens and how each piece connects to each other.

Each blueprint helps us implement and track campaigns and allows business owners to get on with their business knowing we’ve got everything covered.

What does Digital Domination specialise in?

[SF] We specialize in Search and Social advertising, Sales Funnels and Continuous Improvement. Our core service is designing and building sales funnels then filling those funnels with potential customers. Once we have the funnel in place, we optimize it for greater conversions with our continuous improvement of the funnel.

For those business who may not completely understand automation online, please explain to our readers the process and if they were to build an automation system how can that impact their businesses?

[SF] Automation is simply how your business can automatically complete tasks that occur regularly.

For example; You may have a standard series of forms you need new customers to fill out as part of your onboarding process. Well you can automate that to save yourself time.

Marketing Automation is where we implement an automated system to communicate with your potential customers, so they filter through your sales funnel and ultimately become a new lead or sale.

Digital Domination - SAMPLE BLUEPRINT

Give us your Top digital strategies that work right now?

[SF] Multi-step Facebook funnels are outstanding right now and a big focus for our clients. Messenger bots are also new and exciting and those that jump in early can take advantage of them by really standing out in the market place. In fact, Messenger bots may replace a large part of your email campaigns in the near future.

What is the most enjoyable part of running Digital Domination?

[SF] Absolutely without a doubt, getting big wins.

It’s extremely challenging to design and build a highly profitable sales funnel – and in most cases the first version will not work as well as you’d like. There are many factors involved here which is why so many businesses try and fail because they give up or don’t know what to do next. When we work on sales funnels, we carry out a lot of  data analysis and improvements all the time. We find ‘break points’ (where a funnel isn’t working) and we refine the funnels and make them highly profitable. When we hit that milestone – it’s a huge celebration and high-fives all round!

At Digital Domination, what has been your biggest achievement thus far?

[SF] Unfortunately there aren’t public awards for what we do. Shortly after we first launched the agency we won a web design award which was nice to have the recognition for our work, but web design isn’t a core activity for us these days.

I think our biggest achievements is always linked to our clients success. When they win, we win.

Is there anything up and coming at Digital Domination that we should know about?  

[SF] We’re currently undertaking our own re-branding.  The new branding and website design incorporates the best of what we know works today in digital, so watch this space! We often find when clients see what we’re doing and how it works for us, they ask us to replicate it for them. So we’re really looking forward to the launch later this year.

For our digital solutions to dominate your market through online marketing who do we contact and how do we get into contact with you?

[SF] Visit digitaldomination.com.au or simply call us on 1800 774 311


Rothstein Lawyers helping migrants and their employers understand and comply with Australian employment law

Rothstein Lawyers helping migrants and their employers understand and comply with Australian employment law

Australian immigration law is becoming increasingly complex, and assisting clients resolve their migration issues is  what Rothstein Lawyers find incredibly rewarding.

Being the only law firm in Perth that specialises exclusively in immigration law and employment law, we interviewed Sophie Manera about various employment & immigration matters.

Sophie, Please tell us about Rothstein Lawyers and your passion behind it?

Rothstein Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in Northbridge, specialising in immigration and employment law. Our lawyers are also Registered Migration Agents, and can assist with all Australian immigration and citizenship law matters.

The firm’s employment law practice primarily focuses on helping migrants and their employers understand and comply with Australian employment law.

What key differences is Rothstein Lawyers compared to other lawyers?

Rothstein Lawyers is the only law firm in Perth that specialises exclusively in immigration law and employment law. We prepare and lodge many employer sponsored visa applications, and can guide migrants and employers through any immigration and employment law issues.

Principal solicitor Sophie Manera is one of few female principal solicitors in Perth specialising in immigration law. She has experience helping women (and men) obtain permanent visas through the family violence provisions. This is a sensitive and complex area of immigration law.

What are the latest developments/changes to the employment and migration law that businesses need to know of when wanting to sponsor/recruit an employee who is not currently an Australian permanent resident.

The Australian Government made substantial changes to temporary and permanent employer sponsored visas in March 2018. The number of occupations for which a person can be sponsored has reduced. Employers wishing to sponsor an employee are subject to monitoring by the Australian Border Force and the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Furthermore, there is increased scrutiny of applications for Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187) and Temporary Skills Shortage (subclass 482) visas, with substantially higher refusal rates than in previous years.

It is more important now than ever to ensure that the best possible visa application is submitted.

What are some of the important points to consider when signing an employment contract?

– Read the contract carefully and seek legal advice if necessary.

– Does the contract state that you must work “reasonable” extra hours? Will you receive some form of additional remuneration?

– Are you applying for an employer sponsored visa? Your employment contract must include certain provisions to meet immigration law requirements.

Studying in Australia is very appealing to some people. What would be your advice to them to look out for from a legal point of view.

– Know your rights and obligations on a Student visa. Don’t work more than you are allowed to, even if your employer asks you to.

– Consider your long-term intentions. Will you be able to obtain a Temporary Graduate visa after you complete your course?

– Be aware that international student fees are high. Do you have sufficient funds to support yourself for your course duration?

What is the most enjoyable part of working at Rothstein Lawyers?

Helping clients achieve their dream of obtaining Australian permanent residency or citizenship.

At Rothstein, what has been your biggest achievement thus far? Awards, recognitions etc.

Principal solicitor Sophie Manera has recently been nominated for the Law Society of WA’s Junior Lawyer of the Year award. She has recently added to her resume speaking engagements at the Law Council of Australia’s Annual Migration Conference and the Migration Institute of Australia’s National Conference.

That’s fantastic and congratulations Sophie. Please tell us what are the best ways of contacting Rothstein Lawyers.

Rothstein Lawyers

Address: Level 3 (Suite 10), 99 Francis Street, Northbridge

and 4/189 Lakeside Drive, Joondalup (Joondalup office by appointment only)

Ph: 08 9228 0300

Email: mail@rothsteinlawyers.com


Bespoke gifting solutions with style

Bespoke gifting solutions with style

If you are looking  to impress a client, staff, friend through superior style, quality, design and presentation, whilst supporting and celebrating local Australian suppliers , then this is a must read interview with Clarissa Yates from hamper and Bow.

HamperandbowClarissa, Firstly I love the name – Hamper and Bow. Tell us about the name and how did you come up with that?

I came up with the name Hamper and Bow, as I wanted to have the same initials “HB” as Hamper and Bow is a sister company of Hooked in a Box. I own both Hooked in a Box and Hamper and Bow. I decided to separate out the two businesses, as Hooked in a Box is mainly a personalised custom gifting option for mums and babies, but as time went by, I received more requests to do corporate gift boxes and thus Hamper and Bow was born. Hamper and Bow is a name that combines Hampers (what I do) and bow (all my hampers are finished with a luxurious satin ribbon that can be customised to the corporate client).

Hamper & Bow is a boutique gift business that blends bespoke gifting solutions with style.

Tell us about the products that you place in the giftbox.

My products are carefully sourced and selected from local suppliers, makers, artists and brands from and around Australia. Everything in my gift boxes including the box itself is sourced from Australia. I try to support as many local businesses and artisans as much as possible, making sure I also support other small businesses such as myself. I also intentionally seek out eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically made products that are luxurious, bespoke and unique.

Give us an indication of who should be using your services and why.

I provide a two part service. My first service is a concierge bespoke gifting service. A concierge service is a service Hamper and Bow provides to help you find the perfect gift for your recipient. I love coming up with gifting solutions that are bespoke, tailored and customised to a very specific individual. I have contacts all across Australia and the gifting space, and I come up with the best gift ideas for you and your clients.I provide something different from every other gift box company, instead of a standard range you choose from, I consult with you, understand your intentions and your gift requirements, and provide a tailor-made gifting service to serve your needs.

My second service is providing high-end ready-to-go gift boxes. This option is for those who wants a stylish and reliable gift in the office to give to your clients at short notice. No more running to the bottle shop for a bottle of wine or rushing to the florist for some flowers. Let Hamper and Bow serve your needs and save you time and effort.

I am particularly impressed with the packaging and the custom ribbons. How soon can a customer expect to have this delivered?

For a custom concierge service, we need at least 1-2 weeks to source all your gifts and package your gift box. For ready-to-go gift boxes, we dispatch our boxes within 3-5 business days. We work with a printing company and we offer corporate branding on our ribbons to reflect your branding colours and logo at 1-2 days lead time.

Can you give us an examples and suggestions of what you can include in a giftbox being sent to a business client and say an employer who wants to acknowledge a staff member for their work.

I would recommend my gourmet range box which is $64.  I source the best products from Australia and the finest wineries and artisan food producers for this gift box. It includes:

  • Pukara Estate Olive Oil. Sourced directly from Margaret River, WA. Pukara Estate is recognised amongst Australia’s finest. Freshness, flavour and premium quality are the characteristics that set Pukara Estate apart. Size 100ml
  • Boysenberry and Shiraz Jam. Sourced from Vinofood. Denmark, WA. Vinofood hand-makes their gourmet food products in small batches with only the highest quality ingredients. 120g
  • Bahen and Co Almond & Sea Salt. Sourced from Margaret River, WA. Made directly on site, their House Blend chocolate meets the finest of almonds, slow roasted with their farmgrown olive oil. Weight: 75g
  • Smokey Cheese Nibbles. Sourced from Ogilvie & Co. Perth, WA. Ogilvie and Co. are an Australian family-owned manufacturer and wholesaler of gourmet food products. 50g
  • Gift Card with Note
  • Black Magnetic Closure Gift Box with custom corporate ribbon/black ribbon

What is the most enjoyable part of running your business?

The best part of working with people and having a creative outlet. I absolutely love working with people, so the best part of my job is meeting lots of people, figuring out their needs and sourcing the gifts for them. Whether their goal is to mould a lasting impression, affirm their brand or recognise a celebration, we understand the art of gifting and what goes into making a memorable impression. I

What has been your biggest achievement thus far?

My biggest achievement so far is securing 4 corporate clients in my first month of launching my branch Hamper and Bow. I am only a month old and I have a 100% success rate with every client I have a meeting with, and I feel very proud of this.

Is there anything up and coming at Hamper and Bow that we should know about?

Absolutely! For the month of May, I am having a promotion to commemorate Mother’s Day (I am a Mum!). If you choose to book with me for the month of May, I will waive off shipping fees as well as throw in 3 extra boxes on top of your order. So if you wanted 10 boxes, you can order 7 and get another 3 boxes for free. Minimum is 10 box order for this promotion.

Thank you Clarissa, please tell us what are the best ways of contacting you.





Increase Staff Productivity and Employee Retention at no cost to your business with Fleet Choice

Increase Staff Productivity and Employee Retention at no cost to your business with Fleet Choice

FleetChoice provides Novated Leasing, Fleet Management and Salary Packaging administration services for organisations and individuals across Australia. FleetChoice was founded in 2011, and in 2015 and became part of the Eclipx Group, an ASX-listed diversified financial services company.

As a Gold Exhibitor at the Nifnex Expo, we interviewed FleetChoice to find out more.

Emily, Can you please give us some insight on how businesses would benefit from leasing a car rather than buying?

By empowering your staff with vehicle benefits you could increase productivity and employee retention at no cost to your business. With a FleetChoice Novated Lease the employee takes responsibility for the car and costs, so there is less risk to the employer and no responsibility for the repayments if the employee leaves.

What makes FleetChoice different from other car leasing agencies?

At FleetChoice we’re flexible enough to work with businesses large and small wherever they are in Australia. Thanks to the extended service offerings of our parent company Eclipx Group, FleetChoice can provide an end to end vehicle solution with simplified vehicle acquisition and disposal.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at FleetChoice?

We’re a dynamic and agile company that is able to respond to the latest trends in vehicle leasing, additionally the support of our parent company Eclipx Group helps us to retain our small business service while still competing with the markets largest players.

At FleetChoice, what has been your biggest achievement thus far?

Being able to deliver customized and tailored solutions to our clients that solve problems beyond providing Novated Leasing to a small portion of staff. Our extended services allow for a companywide benefits program to encourage staff at all levels of the business.

Is there anything up and coming at FleetChoice that we should know about?

Be the first to know by dropping past our booth to register your details and receive our company updates!

Lease your next car with us! Call 1300 34 33 88 or drop past FleetChoice booth at the Nifnex Expo 4th May 2018 at Ascot Racecourse!