29 Creative Business Names in Perth

29 Creative Business Names in Perth

We have all come across creative business names and have wondered what that name means and what is the story behind the name.

We have compiled 29 names in Perth that have caught our attention like Pruvit, Milkshake Productions, DIME, 3x5x7, DreamVast & Qbit.

Having the name like Nifnex has opened so many conversations in the past 7 years. For those who don’t know, Nifnex stands for Nifty & Nexus which means Smart Connections.

Check out the names and their meanings.
If you have a creative name and an interesting meaning / reason for the name, feel free to share it with us. http://nifnex.com.au/have-your-say-what-does-your-business-name-have-a-creative-meaning/

1) Two Feet & a Heartbeat; Perth
We are a walking tour company and the name refers to the fact that you don’t need any specialised equipment to come on a tour with us. It was actually a phrase my Mom used to say to me before I sat for my drivers licence. She used to have to drive me all over town for extra curricular activities….when she was tired of being my chauffeur she would say to me….”You’ve got two feet & a heartbeat” which meant it would be up to me to walk to where I needed to go.

2) Milkshake Promotions; Perth
Our Milkshake brings all the boys(and girls) to the yard. Once we sing the song, people understand the name instantly and it makes it very easy to remember later.

We supply support and staffing to automotive dealership displays to generate sales leads.


3) Tri-W Pty Ltd; Western Australia
People are at the center of Tri-W business: Wisdom for doing the right things rightly; Wellness in the workplace, bringing out full potentials and greater outcomes; Wealth and creating value
Iceberg Media Pty Ltd; Western Australia
Iceberg is about maximising the potential of any business by looking what’s under the surface and exploring hidden potentials.


4) Tiny Giants; Perth
We created Tiny Giants to create ways to broaden little minds and encourage children to think big, be creative, kind and connect with the grown up’s in their lives.
The Pickled Paintbrush; Perth
Pickled is a slang term for drunk. It’s also a technique for making wood look aged. Paintbrush relates to the art side of my business so we are really talking about a drunk artist 🙂 Also having the 2 main words start with P makes it quirky and memorable. I am an artist and I have hair a bit like a paintbrush and it’s pink! In fact at the moment I have the same style as Pink the singer when she appeared on Ellen with pink hair last year I think.

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