29 Creative Business Names in Perth

29 Creative Business Names in Perth

5) EASOTO; Perth
Wanted a name of one word, that sounded global – some interpret it as Italian, some as Japanese, the meaning of which resonated with our target audience.

6) Bam Creative; Perth
The Bam is my initials backwards; Miles Andrew Burke = MAB, reversed that’s BAM.

7) DIME Customer Service; Perth
Trademarked methodology ‘Deliberate Interactions Memorable Experiences’ form the acronym

8) Jewel of the Park; Perth
Based in Vic park …
Ulitmate Indian food JEWEL OF THE PARK

9) AmpersandMC; Perth
In the evolution of the alphabet, ‘and’ was included as the 27th letter. From A – Z ‘and per se &’. The ampersand.
It is a character with distinct meaning; of close collaboration and partnership.
In film, the ampersand represents a closer collaboration than ‘and’. Two authors joined with ‘&’ collaborated on the script, while two authors joined with ‘and’ may never even have spoken. At ampersand, every project is a collaboration. Not your work, and ours. Your work & ours, together.
The hidden story of the ampersand is one of creativity, collaboration and adaptation. So is ours.

10) The Young Boxing Woman Project ; Perth
We’re using boxing to see if we can improve the confidence of young women

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