29 Creative Business Names in Perth

29 Creative Business Names in Perth

11) Rainbow Pammy Yoga ; Perth
I endeavour to bring colour, love and light to children throughout the community in the form of yoga and rainbows.

12) dataMINION; Perth
The little helper with your data – making data collection easy for businesses and filling out form effortless for customers

13) K3studio; Perth
The idea to found a company with this name was already in mind during studying architecture.
I had a workroom at the university with my fellow student and her first name also began with a “”K””. We use to spend days and nights to create and build our architectural models and therefore we called this room “”studio”” from the latin word studere for study. The number three is chosen because of the main three services we deliver: design, draft and estimate.”

14) El Greco ; Perth
El Greco means “The greek” in Spanish and he was also a famous painter

15) Pruvit ; Perth
Going out there sharing your experience , Pruvit each day to yourself to be better

16) Tygris; Perth
Its the name of female tiger, so a balance of strength and sensitivity

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