29 Creative Business Names in Perth

29 Creative Business Names in Perth

21) Kestrel Strategy; Perth
A kestrel is a lean and efficient bird of prey. It has two hunting strategies, sometimes it sits on a branch in a tree or shrub searching the ground for small mammals or insects, but mostly, it soars on the wind high above the ground, searching the environment below for prey.
In business (and life) we often hunt from the trees, our vision obscured by branches and leaves – the difficulties of the day, our own pre-conceptions of what can and cannot be done, obstacles that sometimes feel unfathomable?
Kestrel Strategy helps you look at your market from a new perspective and see new opportunities. We then work with your team to formulate implementation plans, and measure success.

22) Emanation; Perth
We believe business success starts from within and has an ongoing impact on everyone we come into contact with. Much like what happens when you throw a stone in a pond, the ripples emanate from the centre. Hence the name Emanation.

23) Qbit; Perth
A Qubit is an IT abbreviation of “quantum bit”, the format of computing we’ll be probably be using in the next decade. I thought it was very appropriate to have a business that does IT support to refer to the next wave of technology, even before most people have hard of the term. By the time quantum computing is mainstream this business will be 20 years mature.

MIRRECO – Creating Value through Innovation.

We are commercialising opportunities from hemp which has been described as a miracle plant.
Our innovative technologies will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by building carbon negative houses. Our houses will generate power and water through nanotechnology facades thereby generating significant cost and energy consumption savings.
In addtion, our unique hemp processing machines will revolutionise the hemp industry by being able to process an entire hemp plant without retting.
Our name is derived as follows:
MIR = Miracle
IRR= Internal Rate of Return – creating value for our stakeholders
ECO= Ecological
CO= Carbon Capture

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