4 Ways to be a better listener and be remembered at networking events

4 Ways to be a better listener and be remembered at networking events

It makes me wonder sometimes, what is the compelling factor that people may want to remember the other person. How do we make ourselves unforgettable or atleast be remembered the next day when they get into work? Ideally for the right reasons not because you spilled wine on them.

I believe there are certain aspects to this. Synergy, Impact, Branding, Conversation, Something of value/interest to the other person.

They say, if something really matters to you, you will remember it. In the context of business networking however, we meet so many people at an event and how do you remember their names and what they do? Is it even important or necessary to remember it? On the contrary, is it important to you to be remembered by others? Absolutely!

I am an avid networker and I am very good with faces and not always the name. I can hear you say, “Me Too”.

I believe, we remember experiences. So, when an interesting conversation takes place at the networking event, I happen to remember that and make reference to that conversation when I meet the person somewhere else at another event.

If we strive to be different and do what most don’t do, then we increase the likelihood. Most people talk more, give out business cards randomly and it’s all about me me me.

What if you contributed great information and value to the conversation, what about if you gave them a lead/referral/contact, introduced them to someone else at that event with a great intro about them, what if you actually listened to them and NOT faked attention?


We see this very often – Faking Attention. We are just “hearing” but not “listening.” There may be some eye contact and the person may even be nodding, but the mind is elsewhere. Faking attention is a habit for some people, but it conveys lack of respect and dishonesty.

4 things you can do to change that:

  • Be in the present
  • Make it a habit to listen attentively.
  • Avoid thinking about how to reply when the other person is speaking.
  • Always assume that the other person knows something that you may not know.


All of the above, makes you a good listener and will make you be remembered, which leads to more conversations, referrals, leads, meetings and sales.

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Author: Zeeshan Pasha; CEO Nifnex

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