A Heart Centered Approach to Digital Marketing

A Heart Centered Approach to Digital Marketing

A Heart Centered Approach to Digital Marketing

In the world of small business the first three years are crucial, Gloss Marketing Communications was born to help business owners to have the best chance of success without putting themselves under unnecessary stress or financial pressure.

Megan laptopMegan Del Borello, Founder of Gloss Marketing,  left her corporate career as the director of a digital marketing agency to start a values based agency that offers all the know-how of full-service marketing but with the end goal of fostering the growth of new and emerging businesses and ensuring that business owners understand the rapidly changing nature of the marketing space.

We interviewed Megan to find out about how Gloss Marketing (also a Gold exhibitor at Nifnex Expo) takes a heart centered approach to help small businesses.


Megan, please tell us a little more about yourself and Gloss Marketing?

I am an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for empowering women in business.  As a Director of a Digital Marketing Agency, I gained well over 15 years of digital and offline marketing experience. My passion for helping small business came after my beautiful first child was born, seeing a need in the market place and a desire to help with business without the high budget for marketing Gloss marketing was born. From 2014 I have been helping build marketing plans, run marketing workshops, consulting and outsource marketing. I prefer not to use the term outsource marketing as it can sound like we send all work overseas, however this is not the case.

At Gloss Marketing Communications we specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses and not-for-profits to take the time, stress, and trial and error out of figuring out how to create and maintain that growth to ensure long-term sustainability.

Gloss Marketing is about Workshops more than one on one consultations, please tell us more about this approach.

I hold marketing workshops to help people navigate their way through marketing their business, especially social media. (Plus its my least favourite thing to manage, so the more businesses I teach, the less I have to manage social media!)

Can you tell us the stats about consumer behaviors both online and offline?

85% of consumers search online and around 50% of businesses don’t have a defined marketing strategy. In today’s ‘rapid I want it now world’, consumers are constantly blurring the lines between online and offline purchases. They want channels that suit their needs and they will move between them until they find what they are looking for.

Across both online and offline 33% of consumers believe what a brand says about itself and 92% of consumers believe what their peers have to say about a brand. Businesses do best when they are across both online and offline, so they can meet the needs of their various target audiences.

What impact is it to businesses across Perth without a detailed marketing plan?

Its that old saying Ïf you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” As a small business you don’t need a 100 page document outlining your marketing, you create it to suit your needs at the time. It should also be a fluid plan that is reviewed and updated if needed on a regular basis.

If you don’t have a plan in place, it generally means you don’t have goals you want to achieve I business in place and then without  a plan you have no idea how you’re going to achieve them or if you are reaching them.

Are there any Gloss Marketing events or articles that you are most proud of?

My article on fake social media influencers shook things up a bit http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/instaimposters-give-perths-real-social-media-influencers-a-bad-name-20170726-gxj0sa.html

I’m proud of the fact that people still come up to me about that article and thank me for alerting them to it, just before they were going to engage influencers. To me this is a big area in marketing that’s not regulated or people are unsure about.

Can you let us know what people can expect at one of Gloss Marketing workshops?

To learn a lot of actionable marketing tasks that they can implement themselves in business. My workshops are very interactive and attendees have the opportunity to implement what they learn as we go through the workshop as well as ask any questions they have. Once the workshop is completed they are still supported when they join the Gloss Marketing Support Facebook Group.

When is the next workshop?

Upcoming workshops http://glossmarketing.com.au/workshops I am just about to launch Facebook Marketing webinars for those that are in regional areas.

Facebook imageMedia: https://glossmarketing.com.au/media

You can reach me for any or all social media needs on:



Mobile: 0418 940 709


Interviewed by Marilyn Balois; Nifnex

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