In conversation with: Abdul Abu, Rapid Delta

In conversation with: Abdul Abu, Rapid Delta

Leadership Coach Abdul Abu addresses the need for effective training programs that enable professionals to seamlessly transition into managerial and leadership roles. Through Rapid Delta, Abdul brings a positive change for individuals, communities and organisations by not only enhancing their leadership capabilities but also improving their competitive advantage.

Tell us about Rapid Delta and the audience to which you are catering.
I have been a student of personal development for more than two decades. Since moving into management, I’ve identified a gap in effective leadership development. I wanted to help professionals make the transition into management and leadership roles as efficiently and as fast as possible.

The idea of Rapid Delta was born to help organisations, schools and individuals develop their leadership capability. As such, we have worked with everybody from small to large businesses, to local communities and youth mentoring programs. At the individual level, our website is host to a leadership personality test for those looking to move into management roles, as well as an extensive series of blogs and posts for those looking at their personal development.

Due to the varied nature of the client groups we work with, our products too vary from workshops and seminars covering topics such as presentation, negotiation, and first-time leadership, to one-on-one performance coaching for individuals and business leaders.

What were you doing when the idea about Rapid Delta came to you?
I was in a management role with 15 technical specialists in my team. I was responsible for their skill development, coaching, resourcing on projects, budgeting and project delivery.

What is the story behind the name ‘Rapid Delta’?
I wanted to give the business a catchy name, something that reflects the need to change (delta) in a fast paced and agile environment (rapid).

Everyone faces difficulties during a start-up phase. What keeps you motivated in the face of challenges?
What keeps me motivated is my passion to help others change their lives for the better. I am reminded of my passion when I witness or hear about situations where I know that problems could be prevented if people communicated better, took responsibility, had a better understanding of human behaviour, or showed more empathy.


What is your vision for ‘Rapid Delta’?
I see Rapid Delta becoming a globally recognised brand in leadership and organisational development. We will be helping people and organisations all around the world and will contribute to a better and more peaceful future for all. It is important the while we are empowering people to become influential and high performing leaders, they use the knowledge and techniques we offer ethically, to the betterment of their business and society as a whole.

What does success mean to you?
To me, success is to know that because of my help, people in an organisation are happier, more engaged and more productive, and in turn, the organisation meets its strategic objectives. This is the driving purpose of Rapid Delta, to assist organisations to ‘Engage your team, Drive performance, and Achieve Results’.

You are currently engaged in a full-time role, as well as managing your business venture. How do you balance these with family time?
I can’t say it’s easy and some days are more challenging than others. However, my passion keeps me going and my wife is very supportive. The key is to manage my energy, emotions and focus effectively. Also, knowing when to take breaks and celebrate the achievement of goals.

What do you do to wind down?
It’s important to give my mind and body the right fuel. So, I’m mindful what I eat and drink. To wind down, I go for walks, play with the kids, connect spiritually (a form of meditation) and catch up with friends when I can.

What business or life lessons have you learnt that you would share with our readers?
•    Keep learning and improving
•    Have a mentor
•    Never ever give up; and
•    Be okay with making mistakes

How would you describe your dream lifestyle?
My dream lifestyle is where I work a couple of days per week and spend more time to help empower youth in the community. I would also spend more time with my kids, experiencing more of life, together.


Check out Rapid Delta’s website to learn more about your leadership capabilities.


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