In conversation with: Aishwarya Bedekar, Magnus Software Testing

In conversation with: Aishwarya Bedekar, Magnus Software Testing

Realising the gap in the provision of end-to-end support for businesses’ IT infrastructure, Aishwarya Bedekar founded Magnus Software Testing to apply her experience in testing and deliver creative solutions for her clients.

Tell us about Magnus Software Testing.
Magnus Testing started solely as a testing firm initially and has since transformed into an IT services-orientated organisation following high client demand and interest in website, apps and other development. We support in-house development, provide software testing and continual IT support, so organisations don’t have to worry about spending time and resources on their IT infrastructure. Magnus Testing caters to anyone requiring IT solutions or services for their product or organisation.

What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?    
Having worked as an IT test consultant for the last five years, I came to realise there was more to the industry than the limited amount of work that I was handling. It became evident that there was a gap in how the testing field operated; players in the industry were providing resources but fell short when it came to ongoing support; how the job is done is no longer the provider’s concern once the resource is provided.

Over time, I also realised that there more was required by businesses than resource sharing. It was evident that while organisations needed a proper infrastructure set-up, ongoing support was critical to its functioning. This is where I saw the opportunity and took the leap.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in the initial months of your business and how did you overcome it?     
With several players in a competitive space, promoting the business and generating client interest and trust was the biggest challenge in the initial months. Working as a consultant prior to this venture was a very positive experience as I got to work with people from various backgrounds and diverse industries; as such we reached out to people whom we worked with, many of whom were kind enough to share our business via word of mouth.

Networking, business forums and B2B Expos gave us the opportunity to expand our network and gain some constructive feedback, enabling us to mould ourselves to meet customer expectations.

Even today, we don’t advertise and rely primarily on word of mouth; allowing our work to speak for itself. This enables us to be agile and adapt to feedback from clients and deliver something better and unique each time; generating higher trust. The trust from our customers has become the basis of our lead generation efforts and seen the creation of healthy and ongoing relationships.

What does success mean to you?
From a professional viewpoint, success means being able to deliver quality and retain our customers. It isn’t a one-time thing, but rather an ongoing effort. If my clients are happy with the work and quality we provide, then that’s success to me.

What is the toughest decision you have made and how did you handle it?      
The hardest decision was creating Magnus Testing. I knew that there was a gap in the industry, but I was not sure if I had what it takes to meet that gap. However, inherently, I also knew that self-doubt wasn’t going to take me anywhere and that there was no room for anything to go wrong. Magnus either works, or it doesn’t, and I knew I didn’t want to look back with regret for not trying. The initial months certainly weren’t easy as I had no prior experience as a small business owner, but you learn on the job if you want to make your venture successful.

What is the one thing you’ve accomplished that you take the most pride in or satisfaction from?     
I have created a venture that I am proud of calling my own! Through Magnus, I have been able to work with numerous people and organisations and know that I have successfully created a trust for our service through the quality of work we provide.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an entrepreneur?       
Don’t ever doubt yourself; everyone has the ability to make a mark in their own way. If you know that there is a problem to solve, get to it! Never give yourself a reason to look back and regret something that you could have had the opportunity to achieve. Nothing can go wrong if you have the patience, trust and conviction to achieve, so keep striving!


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