Art Of Influencing People & Building Relationships At Networking Events

There are certain people that draw your attention when you walk into a room or a networking event. There’s a presence about them. You feel the need to want to speak to them and connect. Charisma!

There are 3 components which every charismatic person has. An article I read on Huffington Post referenced below, explains the three components well.


Presence – can be displayed by being there with undivided attention. Research also shows that one of the most attractive quality in someone is ‘availability’. You giving them the time to listen to them.

Power – Body language is the key. Only 7% contributes to speech and a whopping 93% is body language. Your stance, your gestures, the way you dress, your handshake makes a big impact.

Warmth – It’s the empathy, the ability to step into someone’s shoes to understand how they feel.

Can you learn to become charismatic? I believe, you can certainly display the above characteristics authentically to create the charisma which makes you more attractive to people to connect and build relationships.

It makes it so much easier to building relationships when you are authentic and display the below characteristics.

  • Ask deeper questions than doing small talk
  • Authentic Smile & Eye Contact
  • Give your undivided attention and listen when the other person is talking
  • Give them an authentic compliment
  • Have your own sense of humour – even if its quirky (that’s you)
  • Be comfortable within yourself & be confident

Happy Networking!


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Author: Zeeshan Pasha; CEO Nifnex

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