Bespoke gifting solutions with style

Bespoke gifting solutions with style

If you are looking  to impress a client, staff, friend through superior style, quality, design and presentation, whilst supporting and celebrating local Australian suppliers , then this is a must read interview with Clarissa Yates from hamper and Bow.

HamperandbowClarissa, Firstly I love the name – Hamper and Bow. Tell us about the name and how did you come up with that?

I came up with the name Hamper and Bow, as I wanted to have the same initials “HB” as Hamper and Bow is a sister company of Hooked in a Box. I own both Hooked in a Box and Hamper and Bow. I decided to separate out the two businesses, as Hooked in a Box is mainly a personalised custom gifting option for mums and babies, but as time went by, I received more requests to do corporate gift boxes and thus Hamper and Bow was born. Hamper and Bow is a name that combines Hampers (what I do) and bow (all my hampers are finished with a luxurious satin ribbon that can be customised to the corporate client).

Hamper & Bow is a boutique gift business that blends bespoke gifting solutions with style.

Tell us about the products that you place in the giftbox.

My products are carefully sourced and selected from local suppliers, makers, artists and brands from and around Australia. Everything in my gift boxes including the box itself is sourced from Australia. I try to support as many local businesses and artisans as much as possible, making sure I also support other small businesses such as myself. I also intentionally seek out eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically made products that are luxurious, bespoke and unique.

Give us an indication of who should be using your services and why.

I provide a two part service. My first service is a concierge bespoke gifting service. A concierge service is a service Hamper and Bow provides to help you find the perfect gift for your recipient. I love coming up with gifting solutions that are bespoke, tailored and customised to a very specific individual. I have contacts all across Australia and the gifting space, and I come up with the best gift ideas for you and your clients.I provide something different from every other gift box company, instead of a standard range you choose from, I consult with you, understand your intentions and your gift requirements, and provide a tailor-made gifting service to serve your needs.

My second service is providing high-end ready-to-go gift boxes. This option is for those who wants a stylish and reliable gift in the office to give to your clients at short notice. No more running to the bottle shop for a bottle of wine or rushing to the florist for some flowers. Let Hamper and Bow serve your needs and save you time and effort.

I am particularly impressed with the packaging and the custom ribbons. How soon can a customer expect to have this delivered?

For a custom concierge service, we need at least 1-2 weeks to source all your gifts and package your gift box. For ready-to-go gift boxes, we dispatch our boxes within 3-5 business days. We work with a printing company and we offer corporate branding on our ribbons to reflect your branding colours and logo at 1-2 days lead time.

Can you give us an examples and suggestions of what you can include in a giftbox being sent to a business client and say an employer who wants to acknowledge a staff member for their work.

I would recommend my gourmet range box which is $64.  I source the best products from Australia and the finest wineries and artisan food producers for this gift box. It includes:

  • Pukara Estate Olive Oil. Sourced directly from Margaret River, WA. Pukara Estate is recognised amongst Australia’s finest. Freshness, flavour and premium quality are the characteristics that set Pukara Estate apart. Size 100ml
  • Boysenberry and Shiraz Jam. Sourced from Vinofood. Denmark, WA. Vinofood hand-makes their gourmet food products in small batches with only the highest quality ingredients. 120g
  • Bahen and Co Almond & Sea Salt. Sourced from Margaret River, WA. Made directly on site, their House Blend chocolate meets the finest of almonds, slow roasted with their farmgrown olive oil. Weight: 75g
  • Smokey Cheese Nibbles. Sourced from Ogilvie & Co. Perth, WA. Ogilvie and Co. are an Australian family-owned manufacturer and wholesaler of gourmet food products. 50g
  • Gift Card with Note
  • Black Magnetic Closure Gift Box with custom corporate ribbon/black ribbon

What is the most enjoyable part of running your business?

The best part of working with people and having a creative outlet. I absolutely love working with people, so the best part of my job is meeting lots of people, figuring out their needs and sourcing the gifts for them. Whether their goal is to mould a lasting impression, affirm their brand or recognise a celebration, we understand the art of gifting and what goes into making a memorable impression. I

What has been your biggest achievement thus far?

My biggest achievement so far is securing 4 corporate clients in my first month of launching my branch Hamper and Bow. I am only a month old and I have a 100% success rate with every client I have a meeting with, and I feel very proud of this.

Is there anything up and coming at Hamper and Bow that we should know about?

Absolutely! For the month of May, I am having a promotion to commemorate Mother’s Day (I am a Mum!). If you choose to book with me for the month of May, I will waive off shipping fees as well as throw in 3 extra boxes on top of your order. So if you wanted 10 boxes, you can order 7 and get another 3 boxes for free. Minimum is 10 box order for this promotion.

Thank you Clarissa, please tell us what are the best ways of contacting you.

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