BOSS MODE RADIO hits 5000 listeners in the first month

BOSS MODE RADIO hits 5000 listeners in the first month

BOSS MODE RADIO hits 5000 listeners in the first month

Boss Mode Radio is a Perth based 24/7 online radio station designed to inspire, inform and motivate anyone with a desire and passion to reach for their dreams and career goals. The station features programming and music which targets a number of different audiences and markets – whether that is those already in a small business or if they have just left the 9-5 to pursue their own business dreams.

IMG_20180412_093243We interviewed Demelza Leonard the very inspiring founder of Boss Mode Radio who is a Gold Exhibitor at the Nifnex Small Business Expo.

Tell us about Passion behind starting Boss Mode Radio?

The passion for Boss Mode Radio stems from my love of music and generally wanting to help people be the best person they can be. My first business – DL Social, focuses on helping to promote businesses through Marketing, Social Media & Publicity and I felt that I’d love to develop a platform which not only paired my desire to help businesses grow but also created an enjoyable and entertaining soundtrack thus also incorporating my passion for music. I saw that with this idea, there was a gap in the market so decided to take that big scary leap and 2 years later – Boss Mode Radio was born.

Can you give us a rundown of your team/presenters and what they chat about live? 

We have a dynamic team of presenters on the station who chat about a range of topics which small businesses, creatives, freelancers and startups are interested in. They are all exceptional experts in their fields, so we are very fortunate to have such a great team on board.

IMG_20180412_093135These presenters are:

Donna Preedy – discusses a Positive mindset on The Conscious Creator

Lisa Newman – highlights how to better sell yourself and your brand on Story Selling.

Ashley Matkovic – shares inspiring and personal stories from successful women in business with Raw Ambitions.

Jessica Miller – discusses Business Strategies and different business structures in the Inspired Hour.

Deanne Carter from the Women’s Money Forum – discusses how to better invest your money and finances on Money Boss.

Erin Madeley – hosts the Makers Market Scene. A show designed to showcase the Makers and Market business in Perth.

Julz Pozar – talks all things Marketing on Marketing for the Bizy-Lady

Sameera Afzaal – speaks to Perth’s Influencers and Social Media entrepreneurs in Social Etiquette and

Yohan Vales De Menezes hosts our lunch time request show which plays a business, blogger or bosses favourite songs throughout the hour and also promotes their business for FREE!

However, we are still looking for a show on tech and startups, so if anyone is interested in proposing such a show, please contact me at (.)

Tell us about the benefits of the online radio?

We are in a heavily digital-based world and online radio is a fast growing medium. The beauty of online radio means that our audience is already online and that also means we have a higher conversion rate for our advertisers and business collaborations.

It also means that you can take us anywhere (on your phone, desktop or bluetooth speaker pod) and listen to the Boss Mode Radio live stream at anytime.

When is Boss Mode radio on Air and what songs would we expect on the channel? 

Boss Mode Radio is on the air all day, every day at or via the Tunein App. Our website features the timings of our programmes and they all have repeat airplays throughout the week for those who can’t tune in at work.

From a music standpoint we feature upbeat music from the 80s, 90s, 00s to today from all genres.

One minute you might be listening to  KLF or Cake from the 90s and the next you could be listening to the latest song from Bruno Mars. The beauty of our format and request show means that we aren’t boxed in to playing just this format – if you have a favourite song that might be from the 60s or 70s, we will gladly play it in your personal request hour!

Who have you found to be your avid listeners/followers?

We are very fortunate to have a listenership from many different demographics and fields. Whilst our female listenership is high, we regularly have a male audience listening in as well and this number continues to increase. This is great for us, because our station is about the small business owner from all walks of life, not just one particular demographic.

I noticed the Love Bug, tell me more about the cool little car? 

A chance discussion turned into an amazing promotional collaboration! The Love Car love bug is a musical telegram service, which drives around town delivering musical messages for birthdays, proposals, events and more. We’ve teamed up with the car to deliver the Boss Mode Radio message around town. If your readers would love to have Boss Mode Radio and the Love Car at their business or event, they are more than welcome to send us an email for booking information.

At Boss Mode Radio, what has been your biggest achievement thus far?

I think our biggest achievement for Boss Mode Radio (given we have only been on the air for a few weeks now)  has to be that we achieved 5000 listeners in our first month of airing. To be able to achieve those statistics, when educating an audience about online radio and its benefits is incredibly humbling and positive at the same time.

Is there anything up and coming with Boss Mode Radio that the business community should know about?   

Our current focus for Boss Mode Radio is to launch the daily Student programme – Afternoon Insight very soon. The idea and concept that Michael, the show’s producer, has created is superb and we can’t wait to execute the thoughts and strategies behind the show. We think it will really benefit our student audience. The team are also either currently studying or have just graduated, meaning they understand the questions and concerns of our listeners. This means the show content can reflect what the student audience truly wants to know and hear.

We are also working on Boss Mode Radio app which is a few months away. However, this will allow for listeners to be notified when their favourite show is on the air and also means all things Boss Mode Radio is in one place at the touch of a button.

As for events… all I can say is stay tuned!

Who can we contact at Boss Mode radio for any enquiries about advertising, songs requests, and your live shows?

For any queries, shows proposals, interviews or advertising you can contact the station at

For song requests you can contact Yohan our Lunch Break with Yohan host at

To listen to the station any time of the day you can visit

Interviewed by Marilyn Balois; Events Coordinator Nifnex

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