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As a voice of the small business community, Nifnex Business and Lifestyle Magazine connects, empowers, and celebrates entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small & medium businesses. Started in Western Australia’s capital and commercial centre Perth, the magazine reaches business owners, corporate executives and members of the SME community.

The magazine is now expanding into cities across Australia and the region – Sydney and Melbourne (Australia); Auckland (New Zealand); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); and Mumbai, Kolkatta, and Jamshedpur (India). As we continue to grow and connect SME communities globally, we welcome you to be part of our forthcoming editions.


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Featuring business stories of entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners from diverse industries, the magazine offers readers an opportunity to draw from their inspiring journeys and connect with these leaders.

What’s in store?

  • Interviews with 25 entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners
  • Unique perspectives from leaders in diverse industries, including fin-tech, financial services, healthcare, education, technology and social services
  • Business articles on topics that matter to the entrepreneur and SME community

Price: AU$5.00 (inc. GST) + AU$3.00 postage within Australia

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As a start-up or a small business, resources mean everything. While you don’t want to drain your reserves by investing heavily on advertising, you need a suitable platform to get the word out there. Our cost-effective Business Listings are designed to achieve that for you.

Starting from as low as AU$50, you can promote your product or service to a targetted audience of business owners and decision makers.

What does in include?

  • Your brand name and business category
  • Contact details (name, email, phone and website)
  • 25-word description of your product/service or your brand logo

Secure your listing and we will be in touch upon confirmation.

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Who should we interview?

With a strong belief that every person has an unique story that we can all learn life or business lessons from, and every entrepreneur, startup and business person needs a platform to showcase their journey, we would love to publish stories and interviews for the business community to benefit from.

If you or someone in your network has an inspiring story to share, give us a shout out by following the link below.

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