Collaboration at its best in Perth

Collaboration at its best in Perth

We have all heard of collaboration…. however, we sometimes can’t see how best to collaborate. Below is a fine example of collaboration right here in Perth. We recently were contacted by Brad from Digidoc who wanted to have a collaborative service offered at the Nifnex Business Essentials Expo.

Below is a story of how three separate businesses collaborated to create a unique service offering which creates a win – win not just for the customer and for themselves but also for the community. This is a fine example of how we as business owners can be working with each other to enhance collaborative opportunities.

Managed Media tells us their story below.

A client, Ben, recently contacted me to get some printing done for a new business he had taken over. The previous owners had business cards and some A4 flyers, and Ben just wanted some more of the same but with a few changes as he wanted to go for a bit of a different look. It was all part of his plan to ‘freshen up’ the business now that he was running it, and he mentioned that he was going to have to do something with the website too.

This is typical of the initial conversation with so many clients, whether they are starting out in business or have been operating for years. It’s a set of simple requirements that people like Ben just need sorted out so that they can get on with what they do best, running their business. When you have a business you’re typically an expert in your particular field, but that doesn’t mean you know much about printing, or graphic design, or websites, or a host of other issues that come up in your business operations.

Although Ben came to me for printing, what he really needed before any printing could happen was graphic design. We can print anything, but we need to have something to print, and if you want it to be effective for your business it needs to be professionally designed. A good graphic designer creates professional, effective, print ready (or web ready – they’re different!) artwork.

Once you have artwork, a printer can give you exactly what you need, as can a website creator, or a digital marketer can create your social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn etc). We’re starting to talk about a bit more than just getting some business cards and flyers printed! And as a business owner, now you’re faced with sourcing a graphic designer, website creator, and a digital marketer. What a headache!

That’s where Managed Media ( can help. Managed Media is a collaboration between independent but complementary service providers, who together ensure your marketing needs are covered. Instead of having to find separate suppliers for each requirement you can simply contact Managed Media and we will manage it all for you.

This kind of collaboration represents an innovation in small businesses working together. Managed Media is comprised of DigiDoc (printing), Halberd Designs & Consultancy (graphic design) and 3am Ideas (web design and digital marketing). Each business specialises in its area, while working closely with the other two as required. You won’t always need all three services, but we’ve got you covered for any or all of it.

You want a successful business and we want to make it easier for you to achieve that. If you’d like to know more about how Managed Media can help your business simply visit or contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!


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