Don’t dabble on your digital marketing… Dominate it!

Don’t dabble on your digital marketing… Dominate it!

To have success online,  businesses must focus on one channel and dominate that channel. Only then should they move to open up other channels. This approach works because each channel is very different and what works on one channel often doesn’t work on another. We interviewed Steve Fitzpatrick from Digital Domination to find out more about how businesses should dominate the digital marketing. Must read interview

Steve please tell us about Digital Domination and the name behind it?

[SF] When it comes to digital marketing, so many people dabble with all the cool, shiny things. A little bit of Google, a little bit of Facebook, a little bit of Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, infographics, podcasts, lead magnets and so on. We’ve been there before… dabbling in all kinds of things. However, when you take this approach you find you’re really busy, but not getting anywhere or getting any tangible results.

There’s one golden rule we now follow; Don’t Dabble… Dominate.

Digital Domination is all about dominating your market by dominating one channel at a time until you reach saturation. That’s the key to growth.

What makes Digital Domination different from other digital marketers?

[SF] Our strategic blueprints that we design for all clients is a very different approach to digital marketing. Most business owners can’t tell us what their current agency is doing. It’s like a secret black art.

We decided it would be easier for business owners and marketing managers if they could see what is going on. So, we decided to map out the strategy. We call these our blueprints. They show what happens and how each piece connects to each other.

Each blueprint helps us implement and track campaigns and allows business owners to get on with their business knowing we’ve got everything covered.

What does Digital Domination specialise in?

[SF] We specialize in Search and Social advertising, Sales Funnels and Continuous Improvement. Our core service is designing and building sales funnels then filling those funnels with potential customers. Once we have the funnel in place, we optimize it for greater conversions with our continuous improvement of the funnel.

For those business who may not completely understand automation online, please explain to our readers the process and if they were to build an automation system how can that impact their businesses?

[SF] Automation is simply how your business can automatically complete tasks that occur regularly.

For example; You may have a standard series of forms you need new customers to fill out as part of your onboarding process. Well you can automate that to save yourself time.

Marketing Automation is where we implement an automated system to communicate with your potential customers, so they filter through your sales funnel and ultimately become a new lead or sale.

Digital Domination - SAMPLE BLUEPRINT

Give us your Top digital strategies that work right now?

[SF] Multi-step Facebook funnels are outstanding right now and a big focus for our clients. Messenger bots are also new and exciting and those that jump in early can take advantage of them by really standing out in the market place. In fact, Messenger bots may replace a large part of your email campaigns in the near future.

What is the most enjoyable part of running Digital Domination?

[SF] Absolutely without a doubt, getting big wins.

It’s extremely challenging to design and build a highly profitable sales funnel – and in most cases the first version will not work as well as you’d like. There are many factors involved here which is why so many businesses try and fail because they give up or don’t know what to do next. When we work on sales funnels, we carry out a lot of  data analysis and improvements all the time. We find ‘break points’ (where a funnel isn’t working) and we refine the funnels and make them highly profitable. When we hit that milestone – it’s a huge celebration and high-fives all round!

At Digital Domination, what has been your biggest achievement thus far?

[SF] Unfortunately there aren’t public awards for what we do. Shortly after we first launched the agency we won a web design award which was nice to have the recognition for our work, but web design isn’t a core activity for us these days.

I think our biggest achievements is always linked to our clients success. When they win, we win.

Is there anything up and coming at Digital Domination that we should know about?  

[SF] We’re currently undertaking our own re-branding.  The new branding and website design incorporates the best of what we know works today in digital, so watch this space! We often find when clients see what we’re doing and how it works for us, they ask us to replicate it for them. So we’re really looking forward to the launch later this year.

For our digital solutions to dominate your market through online marketing who do we contact and how do we get into contact with you?

[SF] Visit or simply call us on 1800 774 311


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