Perth's Festival of Learning Workshops Feb 2019

4th Feb – 13th Feb 2019 – Integrity Business Centre 67 Howe Street Osborne Park

40 essential business workshops in 10 days (topics are listed below on this page) facilitated by professionals and experts who live and breathe their subject matter.  

This Festival of Business Learning is an annual event for business owners and entrepreneurs whether you are starting out in business, employed, growing your empire or just love learning. It is a reminder to always keep learning, to grow as a person and grow your business. 

Whether you want to attend one workshop or four or all, you are guaranteed to learn what you need to know today and make you aware of what’s coming tomorrow, enabling you to make better informed decisions to take your business to the next level, whatever that next level is for you. 

Have you ever wondered how to set up your Facebook ads better or how to create a marketing strategy using the various platforms that are available?

Do you want someone to guide you through identifying and understanding your niche, your avatar, your target market or just understand your figures and accounts so you can do your own BAS?

Do you want to learn more about automation, sales and marketing so you know what you could be doing better.. and do it?  Then you should attend. 

100% of attendees from 2018 have raved about the Festival and you will too. 

Attendance Options:

Option 1:

Attend up to any 4 (1-4) Workshops: $99 Click to book

Option 2:

Attend an unlimited number of workshops: Festival Pass for $199  

Secure your unlimited pass now and attend as many workshops as you like. 

There are 4 sessions a day, you are welcome to attend any four workshops for only $99 or all workshops at a one-off fee of only $199. 

Drop the kids off to school and attend 2 sessions before school pick up.  If you work full time, attend the lunch time session or after work 6pm or may be take a day off to learn all day. Every topic is essential to run a business giving you the power to take it up to the next level. 

See what some of our past attendees and presenters have had to say.

4 Workshops Sessions a Day to suit people of all lifestyles and schedules. 

Session 1: 9:30am – 11:30am

Session 2: 12noon – 2pm

Session 3: 3pm – 5pm

Session 4: 6pm – 8pm

You are welcome to attend as many workshops as you like and pick the topics that will help you.

All workshops will be held at Integrity Business Centre 67 Howe St, Osborne Park WA 6017.

Simply, secure your Festival Pass for only $199 and upon payment, select the workshops that you are most likely to attend. Turn up to the workshop 15 mins before start. Viola! 

Attendance Options:

Option 1:

Attend up to any 4 (1-4) Workshops: $99 Click to book

Option 2:

Attend an unlimited number of workshops: Festival Pass for $199  


Workshop Topics

4thFeb Monday

Identify Your Why & Purpose 4th Feb 9:30am

Biz Fit – 8 Critical areas of business to pay attention to 4th Feb 12noon

Business Strategy & Planning 4th Feb 3pm

Digital #Breakthrough 4th Feb 6pm

5thFeb Tuesday

Design / How to use Canva 5th Feb 9:30am

Presentation Skills & Using PowerPoint Slides Effectively 5th Feb 12noon

Pricing Strategy 5th Feb 3pm

Web Conference / Zoom / Skype 5th Feb 6pm

6thFeb Wednesday

Social Media for Small Business 6th Feb 9:30am

XERO & Business Automation 6th Feb 12noon

Pay Yourself First / Business Structures 6th Feb 3pm

Productivity / Beating Procrastination 6th Feb 6pm

7thFeb Thursday

Entrepreneur Mindset 7th Feb 9:30am

How to Sell Online 7th Feb 12noon

Sales Strategies 7th Feb 3pm

Linkedin 7th Feb 6pm

8thFeb Friday

Facebook Ads 8th Feb 9:30am

Instagram 8th Feb 12noon

Attracting Investor & Raising Capital 8th Feb 3pm

Networking & Business Relationships 8th Feb 6pm

9thFeb – Business Expo – Digital, Online & Cloud

Exhibitors, Workshops, Business Networking

Attend – Register Here

Exhibitors – Click Here for Early Bird Rate

11thFeb Monday

Marketing Ideas / Commercialising a business Idea 11th Feb 9:30am

Lead Generation 11th Feb 12noon

Using a CRM Effectively 11th Feb 3pm

Content Writing / Blogging & Vlogging 11th Feb 6pm

12thFeb Tuesday

Online Payment Solution 12th Feb 9:30am

Event Management Seminar / Workshops / Meetups 12th Feb 12noon

Growing Your Family Business 12th Feb 3pm

Art of Communication 12th Feb 6pm

13thFeb Tuesday

Website Platforms / Shopify / WordPress 13th Feb 9:30am

End of Festival Party

Attendance Options:

Option 1:

Attend up to any 4 (1-4) Workshops: $99 Click to book

Option 2:

Attend an unlimited number of workshops: Festival Pass for $199