Fool Proof Marketing Guide for a Successful 2017

Fool Proof Marketing Guide for a Successful 2017

Written by Zeeshan Pasha; CEO Nifnex

Put on your creative hats people as you need to be more innovative and different in your marketing than you have ever been!!! It’s the year for many who have ridden the journey this long and making traction slowly. Hang in there and get those creative juices flowing about how you can be different.

Here are 6 practical areas that can make your 2017 a more successful year.

  • Goals

Let’s be completely honest, we all want to achieve our goals. We may not have written them down (yet), and have them sitting in our heads. If you have written your goals down, I congratulate you. Others who haven’t, well, I know it’s not the easiest of things to do as you are possibly battling being realistic and dreamland. Either way, I believe writing them down is a great start. Stay in a happy zone whilst doing so. You can possibly look at a realistic point of view after. What you think is possible, is actually possible. So don’t limit yourself and when you have finally decided on your goals, believe that it is possible to do it even if you don’t have the answers and strategy yet. Universe will assist but sketch out what needs to be done and be open to opportunities that will show up (sometimes in disguise).

  • Do things Differently

Doing what you have always done will always get you what you have always got. So, if you need more results and better outcome, think different, do different, serve differently, be different.

If you really think of it, you have survived a year of so many adversities and hardship in the economy. So, give yourself a pat on the back. From here on, the only way is UP!

So, ask yourself what you can do differently. Can you serve your clients differently? How can you be different to your competition? How can you work with your competitors to serve another segment of the market? How can your marketing change? Where and how else can you be generating (quality) leads? Where can you be saving a few expenses or reallocating them to achieve (better) results. The thing is you don’t know if it will actually be better, and the only way you will know is to try. Why? Because if you continue to do what you did, you will get what you always got. If you are hesitant and in doubt, it’s ok. Just do it. This year is about being different.

  • Collaboration & Community Minded

Community and collaboration is the way forward. Why is a community important and what is the benefit of being involved. An effective and sharing community consists of like minded people, who are or have gone through what you are currently going through. Having to learn from them and also sharing your insight and experience from your industry is invaluable. So, if you are in IT, be part of the likes of computer societies, Tech groups etc for collaboration opportunities and also to keep abreast of what’s happening in the industry. Also be part of at least 2 other communities that bring in 2 different sectors of your target market together.

Attending expos and awards is important to keep yourself seen and around the people who are making a difference to themselves, community and the economy.

  • Networking with a difference

For those that are new in business and starting a new venture or feel they can’t add anything to a conversation or even the introverts who may be shy to network, YOU JUST NEED TO STEP IN and be involved. There is no other choice. Yes, you may choose to stay behind a phone, email, social media etc if your market is global etc but still, the face to face conversation with like minded people is eye opening, encouraging, empowering and liberating.

  • Step Up

Do you ever want to get advice from people you think are average? The main factor is that people sometimes feel bad about promoting themselves and using terms such as expert, guru etc. The thing is you don’t. You need others to call you that. The question is how can you do that? AMBASSADORS are the key. But you don’t get ambassadors without positioning yourself as the go to person in your industry and doing things that make a difference to your clients, industry, community etc. There are many things you can do to position yourself as the go to person. I have written many articles on personal branding on my LinkedIn that will assist you in creating a strong personal brand which is essential.

  • Creating Social Proof

What is social proof? Unless you are living in a cave, you are most likely already influenced by people and community around you who are all going to a restaurant because they seem to be putting up social media posts that they are enjoying it or going to a seminar that is much talked about or buying a certain brand because it is the new trend.

The influence on our behavior based on what others are doing is social proof that you are not the only one doing it as others have tested and tried it, and it’s ‘amazing’, ‘safe’, ‘awesome’. People like to be associated with people or communities that have a following.

The best way to create social proof is to build a following. Be seen, heard and talked about.

Make your achievements public, get live testimonials from your clients, create a campaign that gets people talking about what you have done amazingly well for them. Social media is a great platform to highlight these in a humble yet effective manner. Video speaks louder than text or pictures. With our smart phones it is so easy to do so and don’t feel that you need a professional video done. No doubt, professional videos have their place and all credit to photographers and videographers for what they do so amazingly well.

In summary, these are a few of the points you can keep in mind in 2017. We at Nifnex, believe in creating a community of business people, entrepreneurs, start ups and corporate that come together to help each other learn and share knowledge and experiences to achieve greater results.

Some of the Nifnex Business Community initiatives that might interest you in 2017 are, the remodeled relaunch of the Success Academy, Business Expo 2017, Influential 100 Awards to empower business people in 22 cities globally.

Wishing you all a fantabulous New Year!!!

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