How to politely include yourself in conversations at business networking events

How often do we come across rude conversation intruders at a networking event? Well, the Golden Rule is to always carry yourself professionally & politely.

When you see a group of people conversing (open and closed loop tips below), it is necessary to go introduce yourself politely. It is often hard (and scary for some) to join a conversation as they feel they would be intruding.

Please be assured, you are definitely entitled to go say hi and introduce yourself. That’s exactly what everyone in the room are there for.

Firstly, networkers must remember to not create a ‘closed loop’. Allow space and welcome others to join you. When someone does join you, please do take the initiative to introduce yourself and others who are conversing in that group.

Secondly, if you feel you would like to join a conversation, be mindful of the tempo of the conversation. You can change the tempo after (if needed) introducing yourself politely to everyone in the group.

Below is the first of the 12 mini funny skits that we enacted at our Nifnex TV shoot, with business networking Do’s & Don’ts.

Credits: Paul Duncan, Lorraine Ogilvy (Princess Awesomer), Murtuza Sial, Marcello Sirignano, Anita Bobanac.

Film & Edit: 2PuBs Production Team

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