How to use Xero like a Pro in 5 mins a day

2hr Business Workshop by Erika Williams as part of the Nifnex Festival of Learning Feb 2019

Work Smarter not Harder

During this 2 hour workshop, we take you through a live Xero setup and how to use all Xero’s automation tools to use it like a PRO in less than 5 minutes a day to save you heaps of time. We show you how you too can break free from being chained to your keyboard, your computer, your desk or your office and employing a bookkeeper and STEP OUT and HELP more PEOPLE. You are a HERO to many of your clients already, but there are MANY, MANY MORE who need YOUR HELP NOW. Don’t be too busy doing ADMIN & BOOKKEEPING to help them!

Learning Objectives

How to set up your own Xero file

Learn the day to day basics – FAST.

3 more FREE apps you can implement in a couple of hours to save MORE TIME.

About the Facilitator:

Erika Williams lives and breathes cloud software solutions, business automation, accounting and empowering business owners to not only survive but thrive in a DIGITAL economy.

She has a passion for Xero, the cloud ecosystem and for helping business owners transform the way they work by introducing technology,  innovation and efficiency into their day.

Date: 6th Feb 2019 3pm at Integrity Business Centre, Osborne Park

Upon booking / payment, you will have access to pick the workshop/s of your choice based on the plan you have chosen. 

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About Nifnex Festival of Learning

Nifnex Festival of Learning is an annual event to encourage small business owners to constantly keep learning to stay on top of their business knowledge. The Festival hosts 40 business workshops facilitated by business experts on essential topics such as social media, purpose, book keeping, digital strategy, sales, funnels, presentation skills etc which help small businesses grow.