In conversation with: Bridget Holland, NoBull Marketing

In conversation with: Bridget Holland, NoBull Marketing

With over 20 years experience in marketing, business development and general management across three continents, Bridget Holland loves solving problems and using the power of digital to make businesses better. Her ‘no nonsense’ approach to marketing sees her empower small and medium business owners to scale and achieve their growth targets.

Tell us about NoBull Marketing and the audience to which you are catering.
I started NoBull Marketing three years ago, primarily catering to start-ups and fast-growing small-to-medium businesses who sell B2B services, B2C services, or both. We offer everything from assistance with a specific project, mentoring to develop in-house marketing capability or fully outsourced marketing for their business.

Tell us about the meaning behind the name “NoBull Marketing”.
Many marketing consultants talk so much ‘bull’ about the latest trends on social media or digital platforms. What clients really want is usually quite simple: more leads, more conversions, and more revenue per customer. Moreover, the first steps to take for most businesses are simple too. The name of the business describes my approach; cut out the ‘bull’ and focus on those key goals. In addition, it helps to filter out clients I wouldn’t necessarily be happy to work with; the ones who can’t call a spade a spade.

12How has the business name helped you in your journey?
The name has been a great help! It often happens that when I meet new people at a networking event, they say, “I love the name!” This then gives me a chance to start a conversation about my business and truly engage people without being pushy.

What is something you have been able to accomplish that you take the most pride in?
Hard question. On a personal level, it is probably raising two wonderful kids who are independent, capable, happy and most importantly kind. On a career level, it has to be tripling revenue in two years at RSVP (a leading online dating site) and positioning the company for sale to Fairfax for nearly $40 million (wish I’d had equity!). Within my own business, I get the most buzz from clients implementing simple marketing activities that make a real difference. I helped one client start a monthly email newsletter, and three months later, she had generated nearly $50,000 worth of business just from newsletter enquiries (NoBull!).

What is your vision for NoBull Marketing?
I want to grow the mentoring aspect of the business. Many small business owners are very smart and they are their own best sales people. They know their business well and they have the passion. They just need a bit of help with turning that into an ongoing marketing plan and then doing the work regularly. That’s where the mentoring comes in. It is like having a personal trainer for your marketing; someone who works out a plan to suits your goals and then makes sure you follow through.

While juggling between professional and personal commitments, how do you find time for yourself?
This one is HARD, especially with two kids! I am a bit of an introvert, so I need quiet time to recharge. I love my veggie garden for that. Fresh air, exercise, time to think, plus I get something out of it. I also love escaping into a book, and recently my daughter got me doing art again.

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone who aspires to become an entrepreneur?
1.    Keep going. It will be tough, and you will have doubts. But keep going. Fake it till you make it.
2.    Find someone who believes in you, for the times when you don’t believe in yourself.
3.    Keep your fixed costs to a minimum. It is better to be small and profitable rather than being big and broke.

What does success mean to you?
Making enough to live the way I want AND having enough time to live the way I want. Running my own business is not about getting rich, it’s about freedom.

Do you have a quote or life mantra that motivates you?
Money wasted can be regained. Time wasted is lost forever.


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