Perth Business Community Membership

It is time we made business fun and festive! When this happens we attract a large number of like minded people, driven by the same cause, with a festive theme and a burning business education topic, the gathering turns into a FESTIVAL.

Firstly, the membership and monthly festival attendance is free. Why?

We believe in bringing the community together for the right reasons and we have done so for many years. We have a screening process to ensure we have the right fit of small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, key staff of corporate organisations and also community leaders & mentors who all have one big commonality – Learn & Share Knowledge, Experience and Expertise.

If you are in business, you are most certainly looking for opportunities to network in the right places which provide a sense of community, belonging, like mindedness and generosity of time, knowledge and experience.

Objectives of Nifnex Business Networking Festival?

Create opportunities to make the right contacts
Create marketing & promotional opportunities
Create learning and knowledge sharing opportunities in a fun environment
Create a platform for the community to give back through mentoring and contribution.
Create a platform for a sense of belonging, inspiration and support.

Eligibility and who can join:
Anyone in business from all industries wanting to learn and share knowledge and experience
Start-up community, Graduating Students & Entrepreneurs
Personnel and key staff of corporate organisations who wish to meet and interact with the business community
Business Coaches & business professionals

Who we Don’t want: (Complaint box and banning processes in place)
People who want to attend to collect business cards with no intention of getting to know others.
People who want to recruit or sell with no intention of learning and sharing knowledge, experience & ideas

When the right people get together, Magic Happens ~ Zeeshan Pasha; CEO Nifnex

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