One thing that Many Small Business Owners Lack!

One thing that Many Small Business Owners Lack!

Have you seen a photograph or video of the wall street office? What about the movie The Wolf of Wall Street? There is a sense of urgency in what they do.

Many Small business owners have goals, aspirations, to-do lists, dreams and sometimes even the right attitude but they lack the urgency. They think they are hustlers but sadly many are not.

We can all hustle…. number of zeroes we hustle for are different

It’s worth a visit to a sales team environment in any organisation driven by sales. (especially end of the month). They are trying to close deals, looking at who else they can contact to get over the line and sign the dotted line….

The point i am trying to make is, we don’t hustle enough as if we have a boss watching and KPI (key performance indicators) to reach. We take each day as it comes and work as if yes we can do it tomorrow….tomorrow we make the calls, send emails, check LinkedIn and Facebook, have a coffee with a ‘prospect’, shake hands and promise to be in touch and that’s the end of the day. Where is the hustle? Where is the urgency and the drive to close a sale?

Each and everything we do, needs to have a sense of urgency and calm. How do you do that? Well, it’s an art. We all have it in us….It’s called Being Authentic.

How can you be authentic and still hustle? Ok, i am not saying try closing every prospect, friend and your neighbours. But it begins with knowing you can truly make a difference to your client. Anyone you meet is an influencer to a prospective client.

How can you pitch yourself without coming across salesy? It starts with your passion to help…  Make it clear that you are hustling to help people. Show your passion for what you do. Have clear objectives to why you are meeting a prospect. A coffee chat shouldn’t end with “Yes, lets just keep in touch”. It needs to end with ‘I will put you in touch with so-and-so’ and will email you about what we discussed, so we can help each other’ That’s the very least.

Maintaining a CRM and keeping track of who you meet, documenting the result of the meeting will help you track productivity and also manage the relationships with key people that refer and engage with you.

Ensure you don’t go easy on yourself and make sure you pretend you have a boss who will crack the whip if you don’t meet your KPI / goals for the day/week/month. Have an accountability partner… who could crack the whip if needed. No one wants to be whipped….well, then again some do.

Point i am making is that you need to hustle….hustle… hustle …bring some urgency into your work and go close some deals!

To your success!

Zeeshan Pasha

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