Business Authority Interviews

Nifnex TV features business authorities in Perth who have a lot to offer and love sharing their message. The below video interviews have a strong message and invaluable information that you can take away all for FREE whilst implementing in your business almost straight away. The details are included for each authority who has been interviewed below for you to contact.

Adam Przytula

There is a difference between FEELING vulnerable and Being vulnerable. How does showing your vulnerability impact your business?

Vida Carlino

Decision making in your business can be so much more powerful when you use your 3 brains… oh did you know you have 3 brains? Check out the interview below. 

Bodo Frost

Are your self defeating behaviours holding you back? You may not even know you have these traits, so check out the video to see if you have any of the self defeating behaviours, and see your business sky rocket!

Grace Minton

What do you think are the thinking patterns of a wildly successful entrepreneur and how does that differ from an entrepreneur that went bankrupt? Check if you display those traits. 

Durgesh Joshi & Nirav Solanki - Tax Store Willetton

Stop seeing your accountant as an obligation, but when you start seeing them as an advisor on the same side of the table as you, magic happens. Durgesh and Nirav discuss how and why an accountant can actually help you understand your numbers and help you with your direction. 5 Healthy habits of a successful business owner.

Vera Ensor

Refer, Reward and Retain, simple 3 steps that can help you grow your business. So how do you say Thank You to your clients, staff and referrers? Vera explain the importance and how to set a budget for gifting.

Erika Williams

Setting up and using your Xero Accounting software has never been easier. Erika Williams shows how you could be on top of your accounts in under 5 minutes a day – while you are making your coffee. Check it out.

Wayne Parker - Mr. Beneficial

Wayne is the tourist guide of LIFE. As a mind mentor he has helped many people get out of the rut and experience what’s beyond. Find out why he is called Mr. Beneficial and discover how he could be helping you with your journey in life and business.

Claudette Pope

Everyone has a story and at some point everyone needs to get it out there. If you aren’t a writer, editor, proof reader … you are bound to get a head ache doing it all. Well, then you definitely need an aspirin… an aspirin for your writing headaches is Claudette Pope. Check out why Claudette suggests your story needs to get out there.

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