Poem on Millionaire Habits

Poem on Millionaire Habits

I am not a poet, but I wrote it… and I hope you like it. It’s based on research that was done and an image I found on LinkedIn.

I felt inspired to write it and play with the rhyming words but kept it straight forward.


I want to be a millionaire I hear you say,

So lets reflect on things they did day after day.

Entrepreneurialism sure isn’t an easy life,

but research shows a pattern that made them thrive.

Firstly, they weren’t scared to say nay,

They always kept negativity at bay.

Early they wake and not scared to make a mistake,

They learnt and grew their network with every handshake.

You will see them grab opportunities and make no excuses,

Always closed one ear to people who hurled abuses.

They shall not rush, nor will they procrastinate,

Setbacks do not stop them thinking it’s just fate.

Eat well, exercise and sleep is their tantra,

Love, gratitude and humility is their mantra.

With smarter people they stand,

Always ready to give others a hand.

Look, there’s no easy way to success,

Remember, our constant hustle is a work in progress.

Ask a lot of questions,

Because opportunity exist beneath every client’s objections.

Do one thing each day you loved as a child,

Through this journey, you have always smiled.

Yes, there will be times that you think life’s not fair,

But I have no doubt one day you WILL be a MILLIONAIRE.

Stay Blessed, Zeeshan Pasha, Nifnex

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