Pricing Strategy: How to Set Your Prices for your Products & Services

2 hour business workshop as part of the Nifnex Festival of Learning 2019

Pricing is one of the most important elements of a business, but one that is often overlooked. In this workshop will help you get comfortable with your pricing strategy, asking your customers to spend more with you, and understanding some key pricing principles that, when applied, can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
Learning Outcomes

How most businesses set their prices and why it is wrong

How to increase sales by 20% without chasing more work

5 things that are essential to know before you decide on your pricing

About the Facilitator: Jennifer Than-Htay

Jennifer is a Certified Practicing Marketing and part of the Australian Institute of Marketers.  She has started and sold numerous businesses, and helped other to develop strong, flourishing enterprises. Through this process, pricing kept coming up as obstacle for businesses.   Now she shows you how to understand and develop pricing strategies. 

Jennifer Than-Htay

Date: 5th Feb 2019 3pm at Integrity Business Centre, Osborne Park

Upon booking / payment, you will have access to pick the workshop/s of your choice based on the plan you have chosen. 

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About Nifnex Festival of Learning

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