Dealing with Ramblers at business networking events?

Dealing with Ramblers at business networking events?

It is way too often we come across The Rambler!

Here are reasons why someone would generally ramble on at a networking event:

  • Self Obsessed
  • Nervous
  • The other person is looking really interested in the conversation (we sometimes look very interested to be polite even though we are not)
  • They have lots to say

In any case, if you find yourself stuck with a Rambler, find the best possible pause in conversation to interrupt it with a little distractor or a statement but never another open ended question. Unless you want to be stuck there longer.

A good question can be: Who do you know here that you think I should meet ? (generally opens up a question about what you do; if it hasn’t already been addressed).

If you feel you are a Rambler at times, consciously or unconsciously, here are some tips:

Sometimes we ramble without even knowing it. We could be nervous or just feel the person we are talking to is really interested in the conversation. However, if you find yourself talking longer than the other person/s, pause, take a deep breath and ask them a question. The golden rule is, we have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.

Remember, networking is a two way street and the whole reason is to meet like minded people to exchange contacts, ideas and build a relationship.

The Rambler Video Credits: Marcello Sirignano, Carolyn McAndrew, Khem Alexis Aw

Film & Edit: 2PuBs Production Team

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