Safer & Quicker Payments Solutions Online

2hr Business Workshop by Derek Clarke as part of the Nifnex Festival of Learning Feb 2019

With multiple online payments solutions available to us in business, it is not easy to decide whether to use PayPal, Merchant Services through your bank, other third party solutions. This workshop will help you determine the pros and cons based on how price, time, risks, simplest implementation and future enhancements.

Learning Outcomes:

How to get started with Online Payments

Identify the components of taking payments online

How to mitigate risks

About the Presenter:

Derek Clarke has worked in the payments industry for over 20 years. Working for organisations such as Commonwealth Bank, Travelex and ANZ Bank, he has worked with clients ranging from small start-ups to the largest corporates in the country including Optus, Woolworths and Harvey Norman. In 2017 Derek decided to utilise this wealth of payments experience and started Razor Payments, with the goal of educating businesses in Western Australia about the niche industry that is merchant services.

Date: 8th Feb 2019 9:30am at Integrity Business Centre, Osborne Park

Upon booking / payment, you will have access to pick the workshop/s of your choice based on the plan you have chosen. 

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About Nifnex Festival of Learning

Nifnex Festival of Learning is an annual event to encourage small business owners to constantly keep learning to stay on top of their business knowledge. The Festival hosts 40 business workshops facilitated by business experts on essential topics such as social media, purpose, book keeping, digital strategy, sales, funnels, presentation skills etc which help small businesses grow.

These workshops are organised by Nifnex in conjunction with Business Station as part of the ASBAS program and facilitated at our venue partner; Integrity Business Centre.