Social Media for Small Business

2hr Business Workshop by Megan Del Borrello as part of the Nifnex Festival of Learning Feb 2019

Workshop Outline

Learn how to market your business using social media and how to effectively reach your target audience.  If used correctly and as part of your overall marketing strategy, social media can be one of the best channels to connect and engage with your audience.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The basics of Facebook and Instagram
  • What types of content you should create and what you need to ditch
  • Heaps of Tips and Tricks – actionable items to kick start your social media

About the Facilitator:

Megan Del Borrello is the Founder & Chief Marketer of Gloss Marketing Communications and Founder of Behind the Brands. She has over 17 years marketing experience and is well known in Perth as a social media expert.

She has been a speaker for various seminars, business associations, councils and features in the media on a regular basis.

Megan Del Borrello

Date: 6th Feb 2019 9:30am at Integrity Business Centre, Osborne Park

Upon booking / payment, you will have access to pick the workshop/s of your choice based on the plan you have chosen. 

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About Nifnex Festival of Learning

Nifnex Festival of Learning is an annual event to encourage small business owners to constantly keep learning to stay on top of their business knowledge. The Festival hosts 40 business workshops facilitated by business experts on essential topics such as social media, purpose, book keeping, digital strategy, sales, funnels, presentation skills etc which help small businesses grow.