The Golden Rule of Business Card Etiquette At Networking Events

The Golden Rule of Business Card Etiquette At Networking Events

88% of business cards from networking events get binned. (Survey by Adobe).

So, if 9 out of 10 cards you hand out were discarded, whats the point of giving out the cards you may think.

Well, I am not too surprised given the business card etiquette at networking events generally. Like the video below (funny business networking Mistakes 6), business cards are being given out or collected without following any real reason and without building any relationships.

I can guarantee you, your card will not be discarded if you had built a relationship and added great value to the conversation. If you came across someone who is worth knowing, keeping in touch, referred to, of value to them and potentially their clients, your card will be treasured.

The main purpose of a business card is to exchange contact details, which makes perfect sense. You will be remembered the next day based on the conversation you have had, the impression you made on the person and the value you added to the conversation.

You don’t want to become the person who just gets added to a mailing list who doesn’t abide by the anti spam act.

The Golden Rule is to never give out a business card until you are asked for one. By all means, if the conversation you have had and you would like to stay in touch with the person, request for a business card. Email them and let them know it was great to meet them, remind them briefly about how/when you met and may be even about the conversation you had with them.

A few important points of business cards:

  • Your business card represents and reflects YOU. Does is have the same personality as YOU? #brandcongruency
  • Yes, its great to have a unique card to be remembered, but does it pop up or not fit in standard card holders/pockets or too small to get lost amongst other cards?
  • Australia being multicultural, also give importance to the way you hand a card to someone; ie respectfully with two hands.

Author: Zeeshan Pasha; CEO Nifnex

The Card Collector Video Credits: Paul Duncan, Marcello Sirignano, Prash Nair, Murtuza Sial

Film & Edit: 2PuBs Production Team

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