Top 18 Guest Presentation Tips by Perth’s Business Community

Top 18 Guest Presentation Tips by Perth’s Business Community

Being invited to speak at events as a Guest Speaker is a privilege and honour. Whilst many would rather hide under a rock, this is an opportunity to share (your knowledge) , shine (your personal brand) and succeed (in business).

We at Nifnex have organized many many many events and invited the business community to share their expertise and knowledge with the community. If you are looking for opportunities to speak or learn from others, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned to our weekly events.

So, what would you do and how would you prepare when you are invited to present at an event?

Perth Business Community have shared their tips below and admit almost all of them felt humbled, honoured, nervous, proud etc.
Below are the Top 18 Tips from Perth’s Business Community. Please do acknowledge them sharing their tips by liking and sharing on social media or come and say hello to them at our weekly networking events.
Presentation Tip 1 – Gerald Richards; 3X5X7
Like any success, a good and memorable presentation takes planning and practice.
So when planning your presentation ask yourself these questions.
1. Why am I making this presentation? (E.g. In what context is it given? What is its purpose? Is it to inform? Is it to influence? Are the objectives clearly defined?)
2. Why are the participants attending? (E.g. Told to or want to? What benefits they will receive?)
3. How will I involve the audience? (E.g. Will I ask them questions? Can they ask questions and when? Will I have a quiz? Will they be required to do something during the presentation? Will it be a “spray and pray” presentation – I spray the information and pray they are listening? Will it be the use of one medium, like death by PowerPoint?)
4. What do I want the participants to do after the presentation? (E.g. What commitment do I want from them? What action do I want them to take, other than leave the room? Do my expectations match my stated objectives in 1 above?).
• Prepare, prepare, prepare
• Make it fun, it’s not life and death
• Know your audience and the number attending
• Break down your presentation by each minute
• Ascertain what are the expectations of the organiser/person who invited you
• Make it interactive (20% presentation, 80% participation)
• Have someone briefly introduce you, your experience and why you should be presenting
• Tell them what you are going to tell them (Introduction). Tell them what you said you would tell them (Main). Tell them what you told them (Conclusion)
• Use various state changes to maintain audience attention and interest
• Understand the principles of adult learning
• Engage in multi-sense learning
• Never use notes
• Start on time
• Finish on time
• Never apologise
• Be positive, congratulate and thank the audience for their input
• Talk to people, not at or down to them
• Move around and between your audience
• Get rid of physical barriers (lecterns, tables, etc.)
• Welcome people challenging what you say
• Use as many audio and visual aids as possible
• On a slide only use one word bullet points
• Never display a sentence to and audience and read it to them
• Review the presentation (What was good? What, if anything, could be done differently? Who did most of the talking? What was achieved?)
REMEMBER. The brain can absorb what the bum can endure.

Presentation Tip 2 – Lara Silbert; Latte Communications
1. No cue cards – you don’t see them at TED Talks, right? If you practice, you don’t need them.
2. Make the presentation as participative as possible, so that people engage with the experience.
3. Create some take-home materials so that people will remember you, and remember what you’ve shared.”

Presentation Tip 3 – Vivek Narayan
Be strong and confident and don’t bore your audience.

Presentation Tip 4 – Abheeti Kathryn Pass; Crypto Clothesline Podcast
Over prepare and go with the flow

Presentation Tip 5 – Rod Lawson Kerr; Perth Photo Restorations
Stay on topic, make your presentation interesting but not too heavy. Some presentations, whilst interesting, have been too heavy and the listener finds their attention drifting. Keep the audience engaged.

Presentation Tip 6 – Michael Worthington; 101 Media Group
Link stories that are relevant to your topic through your speak.

Presentation Tip 7 – Anthony Parker
Retain what worked, change or improve what didn’t.
Have a point.
State it clearly and restate it.
Be aware of non-verbal communication.
Enjoy yourself.

Presentation Tip 8 – Linda Blackshaw
1. Know your audience and research what they need.
2. Keep personal story short and relevant and spaced through the speech. A big clump ar the beginning switches the audience off
3. Vary length of sentences, vary tones in speaking. You don’t want to put your audience to sleep.
4. Use some humor (not jokes).
5. Invite questions. If you don’t know an answer say something like “”That’s an interesting question”” while you think of a reply.
6.Time is important, so pace your speech.
7. Ask the MC is there time for questions then you can say we’ll have time for 3 or whatever number quick questions.
8. Finish with something like if you have further questions or want to know more. Connect on FB or pick up my business card or the details are in the programme.”

Presentation Tip 9 – Caleb Tan; Presento Labs
Know if people are going to be eating whilst they listen to you. Competing against lunch can be hard, so keep your presentations simple, filled with stories, and have one clear call to action.

Presentation Tip 10 – Najma Khan; La Trobe Bookkeeping
Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge – yes we all get nervous but if we are knowledgeable on the topic we are presenting then the nervousness really subsides.

Presentation Tip 11 – Craig Hollins; PPS
Don’t be daunted or have self doubt. You’ve been asked because someone thinks you’re good in your field.

Presentation Tip 12 – Amanda Hobley; Amanda Hobley Naturopath
Ground yourself in the moment and speak from your heart

Presentation Tip 13 – Charles Sondergaard; Sondergaard Accountants
Be passionate about the topic, love what you speak about

Presentation Tip 14 – Michael Brien
Remember you are talking because people want to hear something interesting not because you want to talk and get credit .

Presentation Tip 15 – Zora Harvie; Soul Sista Coach
Know your audience and learn about the organisation who invite you. Have fun.

Presentation Tip 16 – Craig French Hendry; Creative Aero
Come with an open mind

Presentation Tip 17 – Paul Duncan; Competitive Edge Coaching
Identify the important facts/Information/Tools/Resources you would like to present -Then bullet point them in a logical sequence – deliver your presentation following that sequence

Presentation Tip 18 – Adam Przytula; Armed For Life
Be honest and vulnerable as well as provide practical points that people can act upon to change what you are talking about (humour helps as well)

I hope you have enjoyed reading the above Guest Presentation tips and can implement a few at your next Guest presentation opportunity.

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