6 Amazing Destinations for Folks Who Love to Fish

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If you enjoy fishing, there are plenty of destinations that you will love. Hundreds of thousands of people all around the world enjoy the pastime. It is a great way to interact with nature, enjoy some quiet time, or spend time with your family and friends. Whichever reason you have, the following are a few amazing fishing destinations.

  1. White River, Arkansas

With 600,000 acres of creeks, lakes, and bayous and about 9,700 miles of streams, Arkansas is perfect for fishing. You can access freshwater fish all through the year. They include catfish, crappie, trout, bass, and more. White River is one of the most attractive fishing spots in the world. It is rich in rainbow trout and may be a great fishing destination for beginners. Arkansas is one of the most attractive fishing destinations because of the fishing destinations, low gas prices, and cheap accommodation.

  1. Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you enjoy Squid fishing, Halong Bay is one of the best destinations in the world. Squid season is between April and January and some of the most incredible catches are made around October and November. Halong Bay is a popular destination and you will be in good company fishing squids. All you need is a net, bamboo rod, and a lamp. The light from the lamp attracts the squid. You can catch impressive lumps within a few hours.

  1. The Congo River Basin, Congo

If you appreciate a good challenge, consider fishing in the Congo River Basin. It is the perfect fishing destination for extreme fishermen. It is the best place to hunt for the Goliath Tigerfish. The large fish has a fiery temper and can attack human beings. It is popularly known as the Piranha of the Congo. Goliath Tigerfish stretches up to 1.5 meters and can weigh as much as 70kg. If you are looking to go out of your comfort zone, fishing for Goliath Tigerfish may be what you need. However, it may not be appropriate for beginners.  The best time to go fishing in the Congo River Basin is between June and October.

  1. Destin, Florida

Destin is a popular destination for fishers from all parts of the world. It is popularly known as ‘the luckiest fishing village in the world.’ If Destin, Florida does not appeal to you, nothing will. According to the team at DestinFlorida.com, it boasts of a wider variety of fish species than most fishing destinations. The fish live at varying depths so it is a great destination regardless of your fishing skills. The sea life is amazing and you always have something to look forward to.

  1. Yellow Stone Country, Wyoming

Yellow Stone Country in Wyoming offers plenty of opportunities for anglers to enjoy fishing in private waters. It is great for fly-fishing as well. Even though it is in a remote location, the area is accessible as there are airports and five scenic byways. It attracts fishing enthusiasts from all parts of the world. The town has everything that you may need to have a successful trip. There are guest and dude ranches to accommodate fishers and fishing outfitters for gear. There are lots of organizations that may give you a guided experience.

  1. Southern, USA

Cat-Daddling is a popular tradition in most states in the United States. It is a unique type of fishing that does not require the use of fishing rods or fancy equipment. If you are trying to do something out of the ordinary, it may be a great idea. All you need a catfish and your hand.

The technique requires you to shove your hand into a hole underwater. You need to wait until you feel something coming close or a catfish bites your arm. What follows is wrestling at best. Even though Cat-Daddling can be fun, you should not take it lightly. Many things can go wrong and you may end up injured. If you want to try it for the first time, consider seeking help from the locals. Learn and practice with others to improve your skills. The best time for Cat-Daddling is May to August.If you are looking for a fishing destination, there are a few important things to consider. They include; your fishing style, your budget limits, the accessibility of the destination, and your personal preference. Some of the best fishing destinations include; Southern USA, The Congo River Basin, Halong Bay, Yellow Stone Country, White River, Arkansas, and Destin, Florida. Do some research and find the most appropriate option for you.


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