6 Healthy Benefits of Organic Meat

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These days more and more people are turning to organic food as they look to live healthier lives and look after the environment. When food is 100% organic, it means that absolutely no man-made chemicals have been used at any stage of the process before it ends up on our plate. The meat industry has come under increasing scrutiny in recent times, both for how they treat the animals and the chemicals they use to produce the meat. With meat being such a key part of most people’s diet, it is really important to make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to check that your meat is 100% organic to be safe.

To explain why, here are 6 healthy benefits of organic meat.

  1. Less Fat

The first benefit of eating organic meat is that it is lower in fat than non-organic meat. The experts from https://cleaversorganic.com.au/ explain that the majority of beef these days comes from organic cows which have been raised to graze freely in the pasture, this means they get constant exercise. Usually, animals that are not raised organically are often battery farmed and so they are not able to move around. This causes them to develop far more fat, which then ends up in their meat and ultimately on your plate. The reason we originally brought animals inside was to fatten them up more easily, but these days we are not short of animal feed, so this is unnecessary now and ultimately detrimental.  

  1. More Nutritional Value

In the same way that people who just eat fresh food are healthier than those who live off processed food, organic animals are far healthier than animals which have been pumped full of chemicals or which eat food that has been chemically treated. A healthier animal produces more nutritious meat which is better for you than eating meat from an unhealthy animal. Scientific studies have found that organic meat is up to 50% more nutritious than non-organic meat.

  1. No Unpleasant Surprises

Many people are shocked to hear how many different stages of processed meat products go through. In 2013, in the UK for example, there was a big scandal when it was discovered that a huge number of processed “beef” products contained a significant amount of horse meat. This caused people to look more carefully at the international chain of processes the meat underwent. The public was shocked to hear about cows being slaughtered in Poland, processed in Bulgaria, treated in Romania, packaged in Germany and so on. With organic meat, you know exactly where your meat has come from and exactly what is in it.

  1. A Better Source of CLA

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a very important chemical which occurs naturally in cows. CLA helps us to maintain a healthy weight, lose excess fat, build lean muscle, and also reduces our risk of type 2 diabetes. CLA is found at far greater levels in organic, grass-fed beef than it is in cattle which has been battery farmed and fed with processed animal feed. Type 2 diabetes is one of the biggest causes of premature deaths these days and almost all type 2 diabetes is caused by diet.

  1. Less Salt

Processed meat in particular has enormous amounts of salt compared to raw, organic meat. All of the frozen ready meals and fast food burgers that we eat are made with poor quality meat, and so many things are added, not only to preserve the meat but also make it taste better. There is a huge amount of salt in processed food which can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, clogged arteries, strokes and heart attacks. Organic meat has no added salt and so we only need to add a little during cooking to make it taste great. Rocco who runs his own pizza catering business says there’s considerable benefits in using organic meat with his pizzas. By having less salt he is able to balance the flavours against the dough and sauce which has higher amounts of salt already.

  1. Organic Meat Tastes Better

Whilst this may not seem like a “health benefit”, eating food which tastes better has obvious positive benefits on our mood and mental health. We have all eaten a big junk food meal and felt terrible shortly afterwards from the salt and sugar spikes. Organic meat tastes far better than any processed burger and doesn’t have any of those horrible side effects afterwards. 

There are so many reasons why organic meat is better for you and why you should pay careful attention to where your meat comes from. We all need to start making food choices to look after our health and the environment. Take this article into account when grocery shopping to ensure you buy only the best quality meat.


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