6 keys to building a winning team in your business

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The key to success in business is having the right people doing the right things at the right time. If you were to study the best performers in sports or business, you’ll find 6 common key elements that separate great teams from average teams. By applying these in your business, you can significantly accelerate your team performance.

#1: Strong Leadership

The speed of the leader will affect the speed of the team. As a leader you need to provide the vision and direction:  be the person out front making things happen and taking the team to a new place.  Call behavior tight – if someone is out of line – let them know.

#2: Common Goal

The goal can’t just be to make the business owner more money. It has to be something everyone can participate in and head towards. Something like:

  • to be number one in your industry
  • to have an impact in your local community

Common goals can be as big and inspiring as the vision for the company, or it could be a short-term goal, like:

  • breaking our sales record
  • this week we want to increase our average dollar sale
  • Start small and make sure it is a goal everyone in your business can go for

#3: Clear Rules of The Game

Most businesses have what we call the norm: this is how we do things around here.The trick is turn this norm into standards and so there are very clear boundaries that all the team can commit to. Team members may come and go, but it will be these rules of the game that will hold the team together. Define the standards and behaviours that are acceptable or unacceptable and how you want your team to treat each other.For example:

  • talk about problems to someone who can do something about it
  • show up on time
  • be responsible
  • Once written down, get all team members to sign and commit to them

#4: Clear Action Plan

Everyone on the team must know what their role is, and how to work together to reach the company’s goals. This includes things like organisation charts, job descriptions, key performance indicators and action plans (like 90 day plans or weekly plans). Does everyone know what action they need to take in order to win the game of business?

#5: Support Risk Taking

If we are too bureaucratic, if we try and control things too much, the team won’t take risks. If the team won’t take risks, they’re not going to innovate. Allow your team to take risks within the overall rulesof the game so that innovation can happen.  You learnt by making mistakes so let your team do that too.

#6: 100% Involvement and Inclusion

Everyone in the team needs to be participating 100%. You are only as strong as that weakest link. It’s the leader’s role to make sure everyone is included and has the opportunity to participate. Each team member will decide whether they are involved or not. Hold them accountable to this. A champion team will always have 100% involvement and inclusion.

Take a moment to score yourself on each of these areas. What can you go to work on now as a leader in your business to build a championship team? As you build a championship team, you’ll attract even better team members, and get greater results.


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