6 Productive Activities That Will Help You End An Unhealthy Vice

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Time to finally quit smoking? Time to stop taking drugs? Giving up alcohol? These things are sadly never easy and sometimes take many attempts before a person is successful. There are things you can do to help yourself out, though. One of these is to fill your time with more productive activities that take your mind somewhere else. It can take a long time to “unlearn” your bad habits, but replacing them with new productive activities can help you train your brain much faster. So, we’re going to give you 6 productive activities that will help you end your unhealthy vice.

1. Seek Help

Whether your issue is drinking, drugs, obsessive behavior, or anything else for that matter, know that help is out there for you. Treatment facilities are one option. You will live in-house at the facility and follow a program designed to help kick bad habits and replace them with new ones. You will learn what to do, how to truly understand your addictions, own them, then defeat them. Treatment centers can be a daunting prospect, but they needn’t be. You will be surrounded by people struggling with the same issues as yourself while being coached and mentored by friendly and professional staff.

If a treatment center is not for you, there are other options. Doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors are all able to help you without entering a facility if that’s a way you’d rather go. We strongly recommend seeking help in some form as a first step towards defeating unhealthy vices.

2. Exercise

Exercise tends to be a key factor in many people’s recovery. Whether you are fighting something like alcohol or drugs or trying to replace an unhealthy vice such as bad food or sugar, exercise can really be a strong choice. Not only does exercise fill the time that could be spent on bad habits, but it also replaces that bad habit with a healthy activity. Instead of reaching for the cookie jar, reach for your running shoes. Even a 20-minute workout will boost your energy levels and happiness levels. When trying to rid yourself of an unhealthy vice, what could be better than actually feeling good about yourself? Exercise will help you improve your personal image and feel healthier.

3. Meditate

Meditation is a wonderful tool that many do not ever try. It doesn’t have to mean sitting on a floor chanting and reciting mantras. Meditation is simply a practice that helps you learn how to focus your energy by focusing on your breath and training your mind to let other thoughts drift away. Once you master the basic technique, you will find yourself much better equipped to push away thoughts regarding your vices and instead focus on positive things. 

4. Journal

Journaling has been shown to improve many things like productivity, focus, and happiness. Sometimes the simple act of writing things down on paper helps clear the mind from negativity and stress – big factors in unhealthy vices. You may find that journaling is a way of coaching yourself through your emotions and vices or even ends up being a productive activity in other ways. Who knows, the words you scribbled down could end up becoming ideas for work, projects, or relationships. Be honest when you write, and let the negative habits roll away.

5. Talk

We’ve already discussed talking to professionals, but what about other people? Talking to a friend or relative, or even a sponsor, can have much the same effect. Discussing your vices honestly with another person can help give you that real “weight off my shoulders” feeling. Instead of reaching for a drink, reach for the phone and call someone you love. You’ll soon forget the need for your unhealthy vice once the conversation is flowing. You may even find new relationships blossoming.

6. Work!

This may sound like the least fun way to replace an unhealthy vice, but bear with us! Burying your head in work can be a fantastic replacement for a negative issue. Imagine if you spent half the time you’d normally spend thinking about your vices on extra work, how much could you get done? Fire off some extra emails, make a plan for tomorrow, call a colleague to discuss their ideas. All of these things can help you, your mind, and your business while defeating an unhealthy vice.
One, two, or even a mix of all six of these activities will definitely help you beat your unhealthy vices. Remember, there is no shame in having these problems, almost everyone has some vices and understanding that you can control them is key. We wish you all the best of luck in your progress!


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