6 Professionals You Need to Hire When Building a House from Scratch

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Everyone has the dream of one day owning their own home. The idea of being a homeowner with a house that you got after years of hard work is very satisfying and that’s why it’s part of the American dream. Since it might not be attainable for everyone to purchase a house and turn it into their home, people now build their own houses from scratch. While the idea may seem intimidating at first, the feeling of accomplishment afterward is like no other. A lot of money and effort goes into this process, so you don’t want to be making any mistakes and that’s why you’ll need to hire a great team of professionals to help you build a home, here are some of them:

1. Contractor

A contractor’s role is to be in charge of everyone involved in building your house. They have a wide range of responsibilities, but their main role is to utilize manpower according to their skills and efficiency. This speeds up the construction process by distributing work duties while also maintaining it to the required standards. There are many types of contractors; general contractors are the most common, taking on three or more subcontractor trades like plumbing or carpentry and they need a license to operate. 

2. An Architect

Before any steps are made towards construction, you need an architect to bring the vision you have for your home to life in a beautiful design. Their roles are essential to the process because they don’t just make sure the design meets your needs, and that it’s functional and structural, but they also adjust it to be suitable for your budget. It’s important to do your research on an architect’s role to settle your designer versus architect confusion, and hire the best one in the area. An architect’s job doesn’t end at the design, they are still involved in the building process to make sure it’s all going according to plan.

3. Civil Engineer

Now that you have your architect’s design of the house, a civil engineer views it from a structural point. They make sure everything is following the local codes for construction. They also make sure it can structurally withstand any circumstances without damage. They’re all about securing the foundation and using the right building material that can survive any outer elements. Their calculations during the building process are what stops a house from collapsing from strong winds or small earthquakes

4. Electric Engineer

This a crucial profession to have in your building team, their job basically involves dealing with life and death matters. The electrical arrangement in your house if installed improperly is very dangerous and could lead to horrible accidents later on. Hiring an electric engineer will ensure the professional and safe installation of electric boxes and wiring in your home. They’ll be responsible for installing your lighting and sound systems as well as doing an inspection at the end to make sure everything is up to efficiency and safety standards.

5. Project Manager

A project manager oversees the home building process from start to finish in all aspects and areas. They are responsible for planning, time management, allocating supplies, and sticking to the budget. They basically make sure what is supposed to be done, gets done well and on time. They also take care of deliveries, make sure the workers show up, and take charge of all communication with them. Some may give this role to the contractor or even the architect, but to make sure things run smoothly and stay organized, it’s better to hire a third party for the job.

6. An Inspector

Hiring an inspector is vital to make sure your home doesn’t violate any local building rules or safety measures. Inspectors can be involved from day one to survey the land and determine what it needs in order to be suitable for construction. As the building process continues, they work with the project manager or architect to adjust any errors that could lead to violating building regulations and suspend construction. If you opt for hiring one after the construction is finished, you might end up with multiple building code violations and all the hard work goes to waste.

There are many more professions that come along the way while building a house from scratch. You’ll still also need a landscaper, plumber, carpenter, roofers, painters, and an interior designer. This might seem overwhelming, but it actually comes along smoothly as you start and move in the right direction. The key is to have a clear vision and try to stick with it as well as having good organisational skills. It’ll all be worth it once you finally build your dream home.


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