7 Awesome Tips for Building Muscle on a Vegan Diet

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Vegan diets have become a staple of the 21st century. The digital generation, courtesy of the infinite amount of information available on the internet, have become aware of how harmful the food that they are eating really is. Because of this, people have decided to opt for entirely vegan diets. These diets have received scrutiny by many dieticians who suggest that they are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, but rather, a detriment. Notwithstanding the arguments mounted against a vegan diet, you can derive many health benefits from them. This page will hope to tell you seven awesome tips for building muscle on a vegan diet. It is important to add, should you want to have a vegan diet, you should consult your doctor. Some people with nutrient deficiencies can harm themselves by adopting a vegan diet without supplemental additives to their diet.

1.  Time

Always remember that it may take some time. When you are trying to put weight on, even on a carnivorous diet wherein it is much easier, it will take time. Nothing happens overnight, and although it would be much nicer if it did, unfortunately, it won’t. Understand that your weight gain will take time, determination, and perseverance. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reach your goal, so waste no time in the beginning. Many will tell you that you cannot put weight and muscle on when on a vegan diet, but this is wrong: you can, but with determination.

2.  Protein Powder

When you are trying to build muscle and get strong, whether you are on a vegan diet or an entirely carnivorous diet, protein powder is essential. Vegans have a wide-range of non whey based powders at their disposal to incorporate into their weight-gain diet. Protein powders deliver large concentrations of protein into the body. These proteins are essential should you want to put weight on and are a very powerful tool to use. In combination with a healthy diet, these powders can see you put on huge amounts of muscle in a healthy way without having to eat fatty foods. Whey, the main component of these powders is derived from milk, thereby meaning it is not suitable for vegans, which is why you must always opt for a non-whey powder. You can likely find vegan protein powder at most weight-building stores and health stores.

3.  Carbohydrates

When you are embarking on a vegan diet, but want to gain muscle and weight, you will want to load up on carbohydrates. Make every single meal base a carbohydrate, whether it be pasta, rice, or potatoes. Carbohydrates will be your best friend and will be an essential component of the muscle and weight gain process. Be sure to exercise a lot when increasing your carbohydrate intake as carbohydrates can have you put on a lot of weight very quickly, meaning that if you are not exercising, that you may find yourself gaining a lot of fat rather than muscle.

4.  Portions

If you have massive portions, you will put too much weight on and will not be able to convert it into muscle, much the same with a carnivorous diet. You should keep your portions small and eat snacks throughout the day. As a vegan, you have hundreds of thousands of potential snacks at your disposal, and you should not become bogged down into thinking that there is nothing delicious that you can eat. If you keep your portions too small, you will lose weight – which you don’t want. Balance is important. Portions are something you must watch carefully. Ensure you are not overeating or gorging yourself, as that will only contribute negatively to your weight gain.

5.  Calories

When you are putting on weight, you will need to track your calories. You should never exceed the calorie level that you have likely set out as your limit, otherwise, you will put on a lot of fat. Watch your calorie intake carefully.

6.  Protein Foods

Even though you will likely be taking protein supplements and milkshakes, you should still eat protein foods. Foods that are rich in protein will further contribute to your weight gain and will help you to put on muscle and weight very quickly. You can find out the protein levels of most foods online quite easily.

7.  Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats is another important method of putting on weight and gaining muscle on a vegan diet. Olive oil, for example, is one such fat that is both healthy and delicious and can be used for most meals.

Now, with the help of this page, you should know seven ways to build muscle and put on weight while adhering to a vegan diet. With these seven awesome tips, you too can get fit, while remaining a vegan. Good luck!


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