7 Clever Tips to Achieve a Timeless Decorating Style

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Quite simply, the timeless decor just looks great – regardless of what the current trends are. Had you ever considered the money-saving benefits? Imagine being able to make subtle changes to a room that embraces new trends, without having to overhaul your furniture, remodel, or repaint the entire space. That is why so many people are moving towards a more timeless look over trendy. 

Trends come and go, sometimes quickly, and your personal style evolves. Would it not be amazing if your decorating could easily adapt along with the trends, and work for a variety of styles over the years? 

Keep reading for 7 clever tips that will help you achieve just that.

1. Buy Furniture with Clean Lines

Furniture with clean, simple lines has always been a popular choice. It is both understated and sophisticated and tends to work with most design styles. Avoid pieces with ornate details or unusual shapes. Look for comfortable, well-constructed pieces in neutral fabrics.

2. Choose Neutral Colors for Walls and Furniture

Neutral colors are timeless because they work with any style or color palette you may want to implement at some stage. With a neutral wall, you can change other colors in the room without having to repaint. A neutral couch allows you to introduce colorful new pillows, rugs, and accessories to completely change the look, without having to decorate around a specific color.

3. Use Trendy Colors and Patterns as Accents

Timeless decorating does not mean that you are never allowed to embrace any modern trends. The most important thing is that the main pieces of your design are not centered around one trend. Consider limiting those bold patterns and colors to accents and accessories. For example, paint an accent wall behind your bed and update your bedding to completely change the look of your bedroom. The folks behind simplycushions.com.au/product-category/navy-cushions also suggest buying some rectangular cushions in trendy patterns to freshen up your living room. Add some wall decor and update accessories to easily change from one style to another.

The best thing about limiting trendy colors and patterns to accents is that you can easily change them out when you get sick of them or when they inevitably go out of style. Style and trends are always evolving and changing, so having the flexibility of being able to change things up is really beneficial.

4. Less is More

Clutter has never been a good look for any home or space. Timeless spaces typically have a more well put together, clean, clutter-free look to them. Keep your decor simple. You need to resist the urge to fill up every blank space and empty corner. Good designs need a visual interest in a room, but it also breaks and a soft spot for your eyes to rest.

5. Blend Old and New

Another tip for successfully achieving this look in your home is to blend old and new pieces. Try to make sure your designs span multiple decades, or so that they can’t be tied to a single decade. Things become “timeless” when they can be used in a modern-day setting and look like a perfect fit. By mixing pieces with both classic and modern influences, you will be able to create a lived-in, sophisticated look. Feel free to embrace the vintage pieces you love, but don’t be afraid to pair them with contemporary accents for an ageless look.

6. Some Colors Never go out of Style

There are certain colors that have been popular throughout the years, the classics, even as color trends have come and gone. These classics include blacks, creams, beige, navy blue, and darker shades of green. These colors seemingly do not go out of style and are a safe choice for a more timeless look.

7. Incorporate Natural Materials

Decorating has long been inspired by nature, the things we see around us, and there is no reason to expect this to change any time soon. It is no surprise then, that timeless decorating typically makes use of natural materials, like wood, stone, baskets, and plants. Natural elements are one of the keys to creating a comfortable and completed space. Remember that balance is important when trying to achieve a timeless design, so you never want to go overboard using just one material.

Remember that timeless decor is not about displaying the latest trends. It also does not mean that you have to have a suffocating, formal look. It is about choosing furniture pieces that are functional and flexible while using colors and patterns that will either stand the test of time or allow for the creation of a room design that is adaptable for your evolving style preferences and the latest trends.


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