7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Solar Power Today

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Today more and more people are considering making the change to solar power. The energy generated from the sun is one of the cleanest sources of energy available. As solar power is highly adaptable for use in both residential homes and commercial buildings, the solar energy market is developing at a significant pace. 

If you are wondering whether you should switch to solar power, here are seven reasons why everyone should install a solar power system today.

1. Environmentally Friendly Power

With the enormous damage which fossil fuels cause to the environment, solar power represents a green and clean source of energy for the future. If you are concerned about the environmental problems we are facing and wish to reduce your own carbon footprint, consider switching to solar power. No more greenhouse gasses or wasting clean water to generate power, with solar power systems, you can start doing your part to contribute to a more sustainable and green future. Specifically, it is recorded that an average residential house with a solar power system can offset approximately 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide over the course of 20 years. 

2. Save a Lot of Money 

Power usage and electricity can be costly at times. By switching to solar power, you can save more than $100 per month on power bills, depending on how much energy you consume at home. Normally in a typical residential household, a solar installation is estimated to have a break-even time of fewer than ten years. If you live in an area with ample sunlight and high electricity costs, you can expect to have a payback period even shorter. Not only will you spend less on bills, but you can also even sell excess power, which you produce back to the grid and make some money.

3. More Energy Independence

Unlike traditional sources of electricity that rely greatly on fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal, solar power gives you electricity independence and protects you from high energy prices. The experts at Trusted Solar explain that traditional electricity sources that run on fossil fuels are not only harmful to our environment in the long run, they are also unpredictable in price as fossil fuels are limited resources. Nowadays, solar panels have a more reasonable price and are widely available to the general public. Therefore, if you want to reach a level of independence in energy, this is a perfect time to install solar panels in your home.

4. Less Black Outs and Power Shortages

Traditionally, electricity travels to end-consumers from large power plants via an extensive and long-distance network. Any interruptions in this network, and you will experience power outages. With solar power, you can place solar panels directly on your roof and get energy directly from the sun in a significantly shorter distance. This will greatly increase your electricity efficiency. Not only that, solar power systems have much lower chances of electricity interruption since most systems are quite durable. 

5. Increased Grid Security

As noted above, with more and more people switching to solar power for their electricity usages, blackouts and brownouts are much less likely to happen.,This provides better electricity grid security for everyone as well as having fewer disruptions from natural- and human-made disasters. Taking the burden off the national or local power grid means it can work more efficiently for services and infrastructure whilst people take care of their own power.

6. A Free Source of Energy

With solar power, there is no one who can monopolize the energy market and make you pay for energy. The sun can offer you more energy than you can ever use in the long run, so as soon as you install a solar panel system on your roof, you can start enjoying solar power as a free source of energy. All you have to do is pay for the initial costs of installing and have no worries about monthly energy bills. 

7. Guaranteed Performance

Most solar panel manufacturers issue a 20 to 25 year period for consumers for warranty. This type of warranty is also known as a performance guarantee. For solar panels, the common industry standard ensures 80 percent performance even after 25 years. Therefore, you can be reassured that your investment in your solar power system will continue generating power for your home for the next 35 to 40 years. 

Solar power is an incredible source of energy that is efficient, renewable, and cost-saving. Consider switching to solar power today to enjoy all the amazing advantages of converting sunlight to renewable energy right at home. You will both protect the environment whilst remaining energy independent and save a lot on energy bills in the long run.


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