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Identifying opportunities and taking a leap to realise them is one thing. Achieving what seems unimaginable is another. Cristian Trujillo’s journey from Chile to Australia to the now is one such story. Through his video production agency,, he eyes a world of creative possibilities, both personally and professionally.

Tell us about and your audience. is a Sydney-based boutique video production agency. We create corporate video productions across a wide variety of industries for online distribution and TV broadcast, including profile videos, testimonials, event coverage, training, recruitment, promotional and how-to videos, among others.
We run monthly workshops for business owners, leaders and marketers on developing video strategies, and offer consultancy services on video strategy and production. We work with clients across Australia and Asia, and produce content in multiple languages.

What were you doing when the idea for came to you?
This is a long story in the making. I am a Chilean-born engineer by profession and former PwC employee who decided to come to Australia to learn English in 2007. I arrived with a four-month student visa, no English skills and no contacts. When I decided to stay on, I put my money into education and sustained myself by working odd jobs, from cleaning toilets to delivering milk.

Over time, I picked up basic English skills and got a job as a junior video editor at UnseenTV. In three years, I mastered editing, filming, direction and production, and I loved it! I then received my permanent residency as a skilled professional.

I left video production and got a full-time job as a solutions architect for an IT company. I worked there for a year and a half until I realised that my heart really wasn’t in it. The day I realised this I quit the job, secured a $50K bank loan and founded, from my spare bedroom.

Everyone faces difficulties during the start-up phase. What kept you motivated?
I was doing what I loved and trusted that if I was able to break through the initial difficulties, I was going to succeed. I decided to focus on just one thing. Video production and business development became my life 24×7. I kept learning, growing my network and building relationships with like-minded people.

What do you do when experiencing a low point, and how do you celebrate your highs?
During both highs and lows, I work. When experiencing a low point, I identify what is not working and reflect on what worked in the past. The key is to never feel emotional about it, stay focused and identify solutions rather than pondering over problems. When I win, I want more. Hence, I focus on what I do well and how I can replicate that. I believe that we are in control of our success and happiness. It’s important to be grateful for the highs and lows, as they are equally important to your success and will always be present.

What is your vision for
We’re nowhere near where we want to be, but with a stronger team, our dream is to obtain funding from large organisations to engage in meaningful charity projects and create documentaries across the world to support humanitarian causes, especially children and education.

You overcame a number of challenges during your move from Chile to Australia, what drove you to be where you are today?
Challenges have played a big part in my life. Tell me I am unqualified to do something and I’ll show you how capable I am. Moving to Australia was the biggest challenge of my life – going from being a successful business consultant with beautiful family and friends to being a “nobody”.
What drove me was the discovery that nothing is impossible and that I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to. I never thought I would speak the language, become a permanent resident or work alongside people who spoke a language other than Spanish. All of those seemed impossible tasks. When you achieve the impossible, you discover that there are no limits.

What does success mean to you?
Success means happiness. It means doing what you love and doing it often. It means you can express yourself, your knowledge, your emotions and your passion freely. Having the time and the resources to do what you love. And when you are paid to do something you love, that you contribute to and grow within the process, it means you are fulfilled and can sleep in peace at night.

How would you describe your dream lifestyle?
Where I have the time and resources to do what I love and share experiences with the people I love. Today, it is primarily business. Tomorrow, it will be my children and family. Time is the only thing we have, and the only thing we cannot recover once it’s gone; it’s a scarce resource that only a few can master.


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