Conversations: Nesters Real Estate

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Nesters – changing the way real estate is bought and sold

Buying and selling can be one of the most stressful time in people’s lives. Nesters, are making the whole experience simple and transparent.

What if you can sell your own home in the comfort of your own home, show people through at your discretion and then have a professional agents take care of the rest like the negotiations, the paperwork, the change of ownership etc….

We interviewed Yadi Gibson & Maurice Flores from Nesters Real Estate:

Yadi & Maurice, please tell us about Nesters and the Passion behind it?

The passion and the creation of Nesters started from our core belief in simplifying and replacing outdated traditional selling methods with a process aligned with the client’s best interest at heart and one goal only – achieving the best selling price for their home.

At Nesters we are changing the way real estate is bought and sold, in Australia, forever.  Nesters have created a unique online platform that you can use to start listing your home today.

We let you take care of some of the simple tasks, while the complicated negotiating and marketing are left to our experts which will save you from exorbitant fees and ensures that you achieve the highest possible price for your home.

What makes Nesters different from other real estate companies?

We believe in providing simplicity and control.  Buying or selling your home shouldn’t be difficult or expensive – despite what real estate agents tell you.

Nesters’ strong objective is to allow homeowners more control over the sale process, more control over securing the best price through our process and more simplicity and transparency over existing traditional Real Estate selling methods.

We do this with our unique partnering process where our clients are in control of their most valuable asset, together with our core expert consultants by their side taking care of the marketing and negotiation process together with our easy to use app technology.

Please tell us about the incredible fee structure you offer.

Nesters low fee structure is a byproduct of our initial vision to change the real estate space for the better.  Our fee for service right now is already very competitive at 1.5% GST inclusive. The best is yet to come as we get ready to launch our technology, we will announce a fee structure that will benefit not only Nesters clients but many more in the community… Stay Tuned!

Do you believe Nester’s business model will help customers’ purchasing power?

Housing plays an important role in Australia’s economic growth and the welfare of Australians.  With the Nesters vision and core belief in providing more for less, we believe our business model will help increase their purchasing power by leaving more money in their pockets.

What is the most enjoyable part of running Nesters?

Buying and selling can be one of the most stressful time in people’s lives.  With Nesters, we make the whole experience simple and transparent.  The best part about running Nesters is seeing how the Nesters process is making a difference in our customer’s lives, not only how much they have saved, but most importantly we hear back from our clients with how straightforward it is.

At Nesters, what is it that you strive for?

At Nesters, we are driven by what is most important to our business – Our client’s satisfaction. There is no greater achievement than the acknowledgement of every happy client.

How easy is it to navigate and use the new Nesters App?

The app technology is currently in the hands of our technology developers, and when launched, our clients will experience the same level of ease as the technology used by game-changing companies like Uber.

We are very excited about the launch of our new technology at the end of June which will take our streamlined process to an even more refined level.

How and where can people download it?

Our anticipated launch date is around the 30th of June, and the app technology will be available on our website, Apple and Android Store.


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