Conversations: Rajesh Kumar, Just Grow

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Real estate investor Rajesh Kumar believes that individuals have the potential to grow their wealth and create themselves a ‘safety net’ using the right investment approach. Through his venture, Just Grow, Rajesh hopes to share his knowledge and experience with the community, helping them secure a better future.

Tell us about Just Grow and its audience.

Just Grow is a mortgage and finance company, which is just over 45 days old (as at June-end). With over 10 years of mortgage industry experience behind us, we help clients with residential, commercial development and small business loans. Having serviced over 75 clients since our launch and seen $24 million collectively in loans secured, we are excited to see the rapid uptake and trust in our services at this initial stage of our business.

This rapid growth can be attributed to two factors. First, the recent Budget announcement outlined changes to grants and stamp duty exemptions for first-time homebuyers. This segment requires immense support in terms of advice, information and options to make sound investment decisions. Second, the combined capabilities of our team allow us to offer tailor-made solutions for each client. We don’t go by the usual checklist, as every client’s aims and aspirations are different.

What is the story behind the name ‘Just Grow’?
It’s simple. We want to help people not only grow their investments but also create a secure ‘safety net’ for the future. I came to Australia with just $800 and now hold a portfolio of $8 million. I know this is a land of opportunities and want to help others grow like I did. I believe that only money can make money, whether it’s your own or loaned from the bank. Just Grow was a strategic choice to build a brand that reflects what we do.

While having many personal successes you chose to start a new venture. What motivated you to do so?
I like moving forward in life. When my wife delivered our child, I started taking some family photographs to cherish the moment. Close family and friends loved my work and approached me to take their family portraits. I saw an income opportunity and pursued my passion.

I then went looking for the next level where I began my journey in real estate investment. Having achieved success in the field, I felt it was the right time to take the next step and help others. I firmly believe that people need to create their ‘safety nets’. If someone is working in a 9 to 5 job earning $250K/year and thinks that it is enough; it is not. My business partner, who comes with a strong experience in financial services, and I teamed up to offer our collective knowledge and strengths to help benefit the migrant community and society as a whole.

What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in the startup phase?
Our biggest challenge is dealing with clients who aren’t prompt; either with their documents or when their loans are ready. During these times, one needs to have patience as some of these deals are valued at half a million dollars or more. We also have clients who have no idea about the market or are scared to enter it. We reassure them with tailor-made investment strategies.

What do you do when experiencing a low point, and how do you celebrate your highs?
Photography is one of my passions and when things aren’t working, I focus there. I also write humour based on current events to share with my Facebook connections every Friday and have been doing so over the past six years. Making people laugh every Friday helps me de-stress. I celebrate highs with my family and business partners. Life is a celebration, and we don’t need an occasion to celebrate it.

What is your vision for ‘Just Grow’?
Our vision is to help, help and help! Many people don’t know the difference between making money and growing wealth; we help people learn the difference.

What lessons have you learnt and what advice would you give our readers?
•    Dream big, keep chasing the dream
•    Stay focused, work hard and think smart
•    Never ever let your emotions empower your intelligence.
•    Get into the market, whether you like it or not. If you’re not involved, you will never be. It’s like buying a car; if you don’t buy until you can afford a Rolls Royce, you will never buy a car. You have to start somewhere.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change right here, right now?
Fear. I would make fear disappear. I see the fear in everyone, especially when making a decision. It’s contagious. People allow their emotions to inform their decisions and that’s where things go wrong. Impatience is another. Everything is fast-paced, even making money is like fast food. However, mortgage is a long-term strategy and you need to have the patience to make it work for you.


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