Home Improvement Ideas for Better Life Quality of Your Parents

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Aging is a natural course of life that comes with significant changes to everyone’s body, especially your parents. As your parents grow older, their physical and mental health deteriorates. Their immunity weakens and they will require the utmost care to live comfortably. To make sure that your parents are comfortable and healthy, you have to see to it that all their needs are well taken care of. Your parents are entering a sensitive phase in their life so it is best to provide them with the best resources. You can start by renovating or adding functional features to your home to make it more comfortable and conducive for living. Don’t know where to start? Get inspired by some of the best home improvement ideas below.

Walk-In Showers

Falls are very common among the elderly. In fact, 1 out of 4 Americans aged 65 and above suffer from fall accidents. With or without injuries, this type of accident can significantly decrease the quality of life among seniors. As slips and falls are more likely to happen in wet spaces like your bathroom, it is best to invest in a walk-in shower or bathtub. Walk-in showers and bathtubs are designed to provide better accessibility, making it perfect for your elderly parents who might already have joint injuries or mobility problems. Aside from the accessibility perk, it will also make their bathroom look more spacious and comfortable.

Raised Toilet Seat

Moving around can be hard, especially for the elderly. This may pose a big challenge to go to the toilet for them. If you want your parents to be able to independently and comfortably use the toilet, mobility experts suggest investing in a reliable toilet seat. Toilet seat models vary by design specification. When looking for one, make sure to get the model that not only offers comfort but also comes with a convenient height suitable for your parents. Ensuring these details will help your parents easily sit and stand from the toilet.

Grab Bars

As mentioned earlier, slips and falls are a common occurrence in the bathroom. Another way to prevent this from happening is by installing grab bars. This will let your parents have something to hold on to when going in and out of the shower or bathtub. It is best to install grab bars within the eye’s view and reachable heights. This can either be placed close to the shower door or near faucet handles. It would also be better if you go for handlebars that have a distinct texture as it can add a higher level of safety. 

Home security systems are known for providing protection against a wide variety of dangers. Typically installed to provide safety against theft, the home security system is also a great way to ensure your parent’s comfort and peace of mind. Aside from deterring crime, this type of alarm system can also detect fire and gas problems. With this installed, it will also allow you to better manage electricity. Some home security systems also come with an emergency alert which will come very handy if your parents need immediate medical assistance. Typically a home security system includes a location tracker, surveillance camera, fire alarm, temperature control features, and many more. 

Non-Slip Carpets

Slippage and falls can also happen outside the bathroom. As your parents’ age, their mobility and coordination also deteriorate, so accidents can happen anywhere around the house. To address this issue, it would be smart to replace their carpet with non-slip ones. Non-slip carpets offer secure floors. When choosing one, it would be better to go for carpets that are easy to wash and durable. Aside from its functionality, non-slip carpets come in various colors and designs. Make sure to pick out the ones that match your parents’ taste so that their living spaces look more pleasant.

Lever Handles

Did you know that even your typical round doorknobs can pose a threat to your elderly parents? Unlike lever handles, door knobs do not offer much grip and this is a problem for older people who have mobility issues. To provide ample support, it would be best to replace doorknobs with lever handles. Even without much strength and dexterity, your parents can easily open and close the door. 

There are plenty more ways to improve your parent’s quality of life in the comforts of their home. Investing in the right tools or products will surely keep them happy and safe. However, before spending on anything, it would be best to assess your parents’ exact needs first. 


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