Home Improvement Tips to Increase Property Value

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One of the best investments that one can have is owning a home. The purchase of a house is regarded as one of the most significant achievements of a person. And like any investment, we would like to maintain its value and even increase it. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by developing our home. 

Home improvement is one of the growing retail categories at present. In the past six years, the total homeowner equity has almost doubled, which convinced homeowners to spend more on the improvement of their properties. Millennials are also buying properties, most of which are older homes in need of remodeling or renovations. The age of home properties has also forced some homeowners to perform home improvements. However, one of the main reasons for home improvement is the possibility to increase its property value.

There are numerous ways to increase home value further. Yet home appreciation is imminent as long as done correctly. You may go through each area of your home and improve it, but be ready to update your appliances and systems as well. Here are some ways to improve your property’s aesthetics to increase the home value further.

Convert the Cellar and Basement

You can convert the cellar into a storage area or into another living space which can improve your property’s value by up to 30 percent. Adding a basement can also be done to increase the square footage of your property. However, do your research to verify if your area allows digging in your location. If a basement is also present, you may consider converting this into a new storage area. You can also add energy-efficient heating and cooling systems in these areas to make it a comfortable living space.

Improve your Backyard or Garden

Add a deck or patio into your existing garden space to have a very entertaining appearance. You can also make it as an additional room by adding a summer house or a conservatory to merge indoors with the outdoors. There are also various outdoor sheds such as this site which you can install in your garden or backyard. To assist in your purchase or garden shed installation, read on the trusted reviews available. You can also add value to your existing garden by using advanced technology, such as installing a smart lighting system.

Consider Rental Space

If there is a large space in your home, you can split these into separate units so you can earn rental income. To maximize your rental income, ensure that flats or studio type units have a high demand in your area. You can also enhance these separate units by utilizing energy-efficient lighting.

Your garage can also be transformed into an extra living space, primarily if it is not being used for any vehicle or if you conveniently have a parking space outside your home. Always make sure that the critical areas including drainage, electric outlets, roof, and wall of your garage comply with any housing regulations implemented by your local authorities.

Extend your Kitchen

If your house is a semi-detached house with a narrow alley adjacent to the kitchen, you may want to consider converting it into a side return. Creating a side return can improve the aesthetics of your home and maximize the space. Although losing windows is a predicament when thinking about extending a side return, this can be resolved by putting roof lights or even placing glazed roofs for producing a light and airy space.

Adding a Bedroom

If your house design permits, adding a loft and making it into a bedroom is beneficial. Having an extra bedroom can account for almost a 10 percent increase in property value. If an existing loft is present, you can convert this with an en suite bathroom. Just make sure to double-check the integrity of the loft area. You can add roof light conversion which is cost-effective, or you can opt for the more expensive mansard conversion wherein it requires replacing slopes of the roof with an almost flat top and also steeper sides.

Upgrade the Bathroom

Visitors will never forget your house if you have a beautiful bathroom. Make sure that when people use your bathroom, they feel relaxed like visiting a spa. Enhance this area by executing pleasing yet functional upgrades. 

When improving your bathroom, the focal point is the faucet. You can opt to install the more modern under-mount sinks which are easier to clean and appears neater and less cluttered. You can then plan to have granite or marble for your countertops and install wall mount lightings rather than overhead lights to add warmth and value to your bathroom. In connection with this, make sure there is even lighting with no side shadows around your bathroom mirror. Regarding the bath area, you can opt to install a shower with body sprays and to add a Zen-like aesthetic experience. You can further install stone surround tiles and freshen up your bathroom by adding a new grout.

The points mentioned above are just some suggestions to increase your property’s value. Regular maintenance of your home is also necessary and will considerably impact its value. It is also advisable to hire an accredited home inspector before proceeding with all those plans of upgrades and reinstallations. A certified inspection report will provide you with details as to what needs to be addressed. Additionally, if you intend to sell your house, the report will guarantee buyers that the property is well-maintained. And remember to carefully plan your home upgrade so you may spend with confidence in your renovations.  


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