How to Bring Traffic to Your Online Store

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Creating more traffic translates to more sales, and it’s important to note that it takes time and dedication. Besides, you should prioritize the quality of the traffic instead of the number of people who visit your website. You might have many visitors, but if your strategy fails to convert them into clients, it’s a failed strategy. With this in mind, here are the most effective ways to bring traffic to your online store and boost sales.  

Have Backlinks

Backlinks refer to a different website being linked to your website. By using backlinks, you can expose your business to a greater audience, and in the process, bring more traffic. Besides, when clients see your website linked to established websites, they develop trust and higher Google rankings. Ensure that you get quality backlinks from trusted websites to bring more traffic to your website. 

Optimize your Search engine

For a start, try and focus on using keywords that potential clients will likely look for when searching for products or services. As you plan to optimize your search engine, it would be best to implement the marketing funnel business approach that requires customer acquisition and retention. Consider incorporating a sales funnel in your e-Commerce store, and you can get more info on how it will help optimize the search engine and create more sales. The sales funnel is a series of web pages with a landing page, a sales or check out page, an opt-in page, an upsell page, and a back end offer. Also, you can optimize product pages and create blog content that focuses on keywords. 

Increase Website Speed

Your website Google rank depends on your website’s speed, and statistics show that 50% of online users abandon a website when it takes too long to load. If half of your clients don’t access your site, you stand a low chance of creating more traffic. Therefore, it’s essential to boost the website speed if you intend to increase the traffic.

Use Email Marketing

Irrespective of the email platform that you prefer, email marketing has, for a long time, been effective in driving traffic in online stores. You can incorporate weekly, or automatic emailing in your strategy, then find a way to create content that’s appealing to your audience.

Offer Guest Articles to Other People’s Blog Sites

Your target customers probably consider other blog sites to be more fun compared to yours. You can improve your traffic by driving contributing guest content to other blogs. The content appears on other people’s blogs, but you will be credited as the author through reference resources and links that can be traced back to your website. If you create valuable content with backlinks that refer readers back to you, you will have successfully driven traffic from your competitors. 

Use Social Media Platforms

Most online stores currently use social media, considering its popularity among potential clients. You can take advantage of social media popularity and post content that will bring traffic to your website. Using social media can convert strangers into loyal customers, and the best part is that it is a free platform.  

Ensure that Phones can Access Your Website

It would help if you optimized your website such that phone users get to access your content. Over 50% of consumers use their phones when shopping; therefore, you will have made a great stride if they could access your products and services from their phones.

Update Your Website Content 

Google rankings are based on how frequently you update content on your website. Consider updating your website content daily to increase your Google rankings and generate traffic in the process. Potential customers have a reason to check your website since they expect to find fresh content.

Offer Influencers and Bloggers Free Samples

If you sell detergents, it won’t cost you much to send free samples to influencers and bloggers then request them to write their review of your product. Most online store owners have embraced the marketing trend, and in the process, they have brought more traffic to their websites. When you are looking for influencers, consider those who are enlightened about your product, such that they post content that’s relevant to your business. Also, make a point of sending samples to bloggers and influencers who engage followers instead of those who have a huge following. 

There are numerous ways to bring traffic to your online store, but it’s important to keep an open mind when implementing any strategies since some might be ineffective in your store. You will also achieve positive results when you are flexible with the marketing strategies, and you understand your customer’s needs. 


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