How to Launch Products on Amazon

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If someone stands in front of tens of millions of people, they will want their voice to be heard above the crowd. Anyone who launches their product on Amazon is effectively doing the same thing – wanting their products to be seen above their rivals.

Selling on Amazon is as challenging as it is exciting, and requires much research in advance. If a product becomes popular, Amazon will promote it for free. After all, it wants the sellers to be successful so it can take its commission. Let’s take a look at the preliminary process right now. 

Choose the Product/s

The starting point is obviously deciding what to sell. Some of the most popular categories on Amazon are kitchen and home appliances, furniture, computers and cameras. 

Some sellers obtain their goods by buying highly discounted items from elsewhere, in the hope of reselling for a profit. Others buy in bulk directly from the source. Private label items are like a tin of beans with no packaging. The seller names the product and brands it themselves. Meanwhile, dropshipping is where a person advertises someone else’s product, in return for a small commission each time there is a sale. The final option is where people are able to create their own goods, such as cards, crafts and so on. 

Use Software for Maximum Results

Amazon offers a lot of tools that people can use to enhance their selling experience. The more people pay, the more options open up to them. It is possible to open up an individual account at no cost, but a Pro account will unlock the Amazon Seller App, and other helpful features. Amazon Repricer is a software programme that never sleeps. It monitors the seller’s product prices and amends them as the market requires.

Other companies also provide helpful software, too. It was possible to find an online comparison review between Amaze Owl and Jungle Scout, for example. Amaze Owl helps people find different products, understand niche audiences, and monitor the competition. Jungle Scout is an all in one platform containing extensive marketing and sales resources. 

Choose Categories and Create Lists

There are over twenty product categories from which to choose on Amazon. When listing the product in question, it will either be brand new or  already existing on Amazon. 

People really do judge a book by its cover. It’s essential to upload bright, quality photos of the product. Also include views from different angles. Potential customers are more interested in solving their problems than seeing a huge list of product features. The product description needs to explain how it will meet these needs. Each sentence should be full of the words people will be entering into the Amazon search box. There should also be around four summary points for each product.  

Choose How the Product/s Will Be Delivered

Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) means the seller is responsible for the process from cradle to grave. Once a sale has been secured, the seller will need to package and post the item. Stock will therefore have to be supplemented with packaging equipment and so on. 

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) means that when a seller is successful, they post the item to Amazon, who can take it from there. This will obviously make life easier, but the service comes at cost. 

Shipping by a third party is the final option. The seller may be too busy creating and selling their goods to oversee delivery, but may not want Amazon to do it either. They will then choose another company to assist.

Stay on Top of Things

Amazon needs to maintain a good reputation, so it will be unhappy if orders cannot be fulfilled. Merchants will therefore need to keep a regular infantry of their stocks, and obtain more when required.

If a seller has stocks that are running low, they might need to stall for time, They could increase the product price in the hope that this would slow sales. If a company is also selling its products directly from its own website, this would be a good time to offer discounts, to keep people briefly away from Amazon. 

Begin with Good Product Reviews

If a product is new to Amazon, there will be no testimony on its quality. It will seem impossible to hit the ground running with great reviews, before anything has been sold. What businesses can do beforehand is sell from their own website and gain reviews there. These can then be posted on social media and elsewhere, with links to Amazon once it exists there. 

The most important thing is to be sure the product/s will sell, and make sufficient profit. Much research should be made from the start, and businesses should harness software that can help the process day to day. Amazon offers its own tools and features, and the more people pay the more they can use. 


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