Investing in a High Quality Yoga Mat is Important – Here’s Why

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Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and around the world, people love practicing yoga for a whole variety of reasons. According to a study in the U.S., there are approximately 36 million people who regularly practice yoga. Yoga is an exercise practice that can provide people with various physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits, and which only requires a tiny investment in equipment compared to other forms of exercise. 

A yoga mat is considered the most critical piece of equipment that every yogi needs. Practicing on a yoga mat allows practitioners to properly perform different poses while remaining safe and free from unnecessary stresses such as slipping or experiencing pain from uncomfortable body supports. Even though yoga mats are provided at some yoga studios, you should consider buying a mat of your own for various reasons.

Here is what to look for when investing in a high-quality yoga mat.

A Decent Grip

Yoga has many different poses, so you need a good quality mat to properly support you in gripping the mat, especially when you are sweaty. The experts at explain that the material that the mat is made from and the surface of the mat are the most important factors which decide how well the mat grips. As well as having to provide a good grip for you, the mat also has to grip the floor correctly. For yogis, one of the most disturbing things that can happen during a yoga session is having a moving mat. Low-quality yoga mats tend to slide around and move all over the floor while, in contrast, high-quality yoga mats stay put. 

High Resilience

A resilient yoga mat will last a long time, which means you don’t have to replace it. Resilient yoga mats may cost a little more, but unlike cheap mats that are usually thin, the most resilient yoga mats are thick and have superb support for your hands and knees. With high-quality yoga mats, you can be reassured that despite their levels of thickness, good mats will not develop the bad odor that is often associated with cheap mats after absorbing sweat. Some yoga mats are only 1/16 inches of thickness, while some can be as thick as 1/2 inches.

Good Absorption

Yoga practitioners sweat a lot during yoga classes, especially during hot yoga classes. It is always a good idea to get a mat that can absorb your sweat well while remaining non-slippery. Good-quality mats typically have a highly absorbent layer and a non-slip layer as well. You can use your well-invested yoga mat to attend different non-heated and heated yoga classes by merely flipping your mat and use the more appropriate side. 

Low Weight

The weight of your mat may not seem to matter if you are only planning on practicing at home, but it is definitely something you need to consider if you have to carry your yoga mat around. There are extra-large mats that are ideal for at-home yoga sessions and which studios can provide for their students. However, large yoga mats with generous support and spacious workout surfaces might be challenging to move around. If you are going to have to carry your yoga mat from place to place, then choose one that is lightweight and that comes in a case with a handle.


High-quality yoga mats are generally produced in a different manner compared to low-quality ones. For instance, high-quality yoga mats are known to be made in a more sustainable way than cheap mats, using natural and renewable resources from rubber trees with production and harvesting practices aligned with environmental values. The majority of yoga mats are made from either PVC or vinyl, which do not retain odor and sweat and which give excellent support. However, PVC is not precisely an eco-friendly material. Therefore, you should look into other materials such as rubber, cotton, and jute as well. 

Unique Designs

Yoga mats with solid colors are great. However, it can be fun to practice your favourite yoga poses on a mat with a funky design. High-quality mats tend to have a greater variety of designs and colors for you to choose from. There are yoga mats with modern designs or more traditional patterns like Indian colors and mandalas. You can also get custom-designed yoga mats to fit your specific needs.

Not all yoga mats are created equal. Depending on your personal preferences and needs, there are many different types of quality mats available on the market. However, there are a few things that you should look for in an ideal yoga mat. Think about how often you need to travel with your mat, the design, and your support and grip needs. 


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