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Local Perth Company Paleo Meals Direct are delivering more than just
delicious healthy meals, they’re delivering sustainability and a whole new way of looking at food.

Started in a bid to take the preparation time and effort out of eating a Palaeolithic diet for their
customers, the company has grown to encompass a strong culture of ‘think local, act global’ around
everything they do.

The company and the name are based on Paleo principles, which Co-Founders Nesh and Nigel
explain ‘is about eating a rainbow of nutrient rich vegetables and good quality proteins for optimal
performance and health.’

At their core, the Company’s chef prepared meals are made using whole organic ingredients and
locally sourced produce from local suppliers with no sign of processed food to be seen.
Looking beyond sustainability in their food, the two friends take things a step further using new
environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable delivery boxes.

“For us the packaging has always been a big one to align with our goals for being an environmentally
conscious business, but you can’t have meal delivery without packaging and Eskis just yet – so we
want to make sure those are having the least impact possible,” says Managing Director Nesh Sooria.
Their new Eskis are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable felted sheep’s wool, sealed
within recyclable food grade polyethylene wrap.

“The wool is actually waste wool,” says Director Nigel Clifford. “So instead of getting used as landfill,
it’s being repurposed for our delivery boxes. Nobody in the food delivery industry has put much effort
into getting rid of Styrofoam eskis, which seem to be the norm no matter who you use, so we
wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest and provide a much better solution for our customers
and for the environment. We even collect them back off customers in exchange for credit on their
next order.

A natural washing and scouring process leaves the wool sterilised, hygienic and proven to effectively
absorb moisture from the air to minimise humidity, keeping the contents of the box within the critical
2 – 8 degrees for at least 24 hours, potentially more.

The two owners say one of the drivers behind swapping to this more expensive solution is that Paleo
Meals Direct aim to stay true to their beliefs in every aspect of their business possible, and refuse to
compromise on quality.

“Our Company is about more than just delivering food, we want to change the current food system.
We want to create a more mindful culture when it comes to how we fuel our bodies and encourage a
move towards nutrient dense produce. We also want to encourage a culture of shopping local, and
believe it’s important we empower local producers through technology in any way that we can.”
It is this kind of ‘shop local, think global’ attitude that has led to Paleo Meals Direct fast becoming
one of Perth and the South West’s (yep, they deliver to Bunbury with plans to expand!) favourite
meal delivery services, and a one-stop shop that brings together all things Paleo and healthy in WA.

To learn more about the Paleo lifestyle head to

About Nigel Clifford, Nesh Sooria & Paleo Meals Direct
Vision – “Growing a sustainable nutritious future”
Mission – “A nutritional insurance policy for you and your loved ones. Making whole food an
enjoyable, sustainable and time friendly experience”

Paleo Meals Direct Co-Founders Nesh Sooria and Nigel Clifford grew up in rural Western Australia
where they gained an appreciation for sustainable farming practices and the power of community.
Having both been diagnosed as ADHD and having family histories of heart disease, diabetes and age
related dementia; they reached crossroads realizing optimum mental and physical health were
essential to balancing career and life aspirations.

Both got into Paleo after working long hours in the corporate world and finding a passion for
biohacking; as a survival mechanism to stay healthy while minimizing the effort and time required
while focusing on your career. Reading authors like; Dr Mark Hyman (The Ultramind Solution), Prof
Loren Cordain (The Paleo Diet), Robb Wolf (The Paleo Solution), Gary Taubes (Why We Get Fat &
Good Calories Bad Calories) and Mark Sisson (The Primal Blue Print & Mark’s Daily Apple) of course.
Fed-up not having enough time to do all the shopping, cooking and cleaning needed to maintain
health without craving junk food, and rather than fall off the band wagon. Nigel and Nesh
collaborated with Crossfit fanatic & Chef Paolo Butto. Tapping into three decades of experience in
the food service industry and hungry to redefine convenience food; They set about building a tribe
focused on servicing the whole food requirements of a larger community.


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