Small Businesses Get Involved With Oxfam Trailwalker Initiative

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The small business community of Perth is very heart centered and is getting involved with Oxfam Trailwalker either as volunteers before the trailwalker event or putting a team together to walk 50/100kms and raise funds to fight against global poverty.

Below is the interview with Kerryn Lambert; Event operations Coordinator of Oxfam in WA to find out more about the trailwalker initiative.

Hi Kerryn, please tell us more about how Oxfam’s initiatives specifically Trailwalker, is benefiting Perth community and the Global well-being

Oxfam Trailwalker, is a large active, nature based team challenge which offers a fantastic way to improve one’s fitness, general well-being and connection with others. Oxfam Trailwalker, which is Oxfam’s largest fundraising event,has collectively raised more than $4.5million over the past five years from the Perth event alone; which has in turn helped Oxfam Australia progress it’s mission to tackle global Poverty!

Oxfam Trailwalker involves teams of 4 walkers or runners completing a 100km trail within 48hours or 50km trail within 24hours and through undertaking this challenge, raising funds for Oxfam. To date, the Perth event has seen more than 6,000 people participate in the past five years, resulting in many getting fitter, acquiring a new lease on life through challenging themselves and improving  work, family or friendship bonds. Not only are participants reaping the  rewards, but so are our local communities, stakeholders, suppliers and small businesses i.e. vendors. By conducting our event, all these organisations have benefited through either increased visitation, and patronage of local venues in the Perth Hills, as well as economic gains through supply to the event.

Please tell us a little about Trailwalker initiative in Perth

The Perth event is heading into its sixth year and is held around late September, early October in the Perth Hills. This year’s event is being held on the 5 -7 October 2018 with options to do either the 100km or 50km event distance. Each team is encouraged to raise a minimum of $1600 per team to participate, with funds directed towards Oxfam’s programs and initiatives. Teams of four must walk the entire trail together, making this a unique team building event. Teams are encouraged to organize a support crew which is usually made up of friends, family or colleagues- whoever is keen to roam with the team and resource them along the way. There are a number of checkpoints erected along the 100km & 50km trail, located approximately 10-18km apart which offer basic essential resources to teams, as they make their way to the finish line. Support crews can meet their teams at these checkpoints ,so whether you are walking or supporting a team, Oxfam Trailwalker truly is about working together to achieve an amazing feat!

How can the small business community get involved?There are numerous ways to get involved with Oxfam Trailwalker besides the most obvious one of participating. As this is a very important fundraising event for Oxfam, we would love to encourage the Perth Small Business Community to round up a team and experience the magic by taking on the challenge. However, if walking 100kms is not your idea of having fun, we are always seeking support through volunteering on the event. We require up to 500 volunteers to operate our event over the weekend and have a wide selection of roles to fill. Volunteering could include anything from Trail marshalling, Trail marking or sweeping, helping at a checkpoint or getting involved with logistic support. Helping on Trailwalker is a great way to meet new people, have some fun and help support the cause.  You can find more information about volunteering on the event at

(That sounds exciting); Can the community create their own teams of four now and start training? I am assuming training is very much needed?

Yes absolutely! Registration is open and we encourage teams to start training a few months in advance as this is a challenging endurance event which requires preparation, fitness and planning. It truly is a journey to the finish line which starts months before, when you make the decision to take on this noteworthy, fun and memorable challenge. In fact many teams remark on how much they love the training walks and preparation as it gets them into nature and offers quality time to bond together before the big day!  All information about the event and how to register can be found on

Oxfam is the Charity partner at Perth’s Biggest Small Business Expo run by Nifnex. Please tell us what are the main driving factors that lead you to getting involved?

We are very supportive of Nifnex and the way this inspiring and heart centred business community operate. We are keen to get more small business owners and corporates out on the trail as our event offers such great well-being and team building opportunities. The values of Nifnex are strongly aligned with ours and being part of the Expo seemed like an ideal way to make the Small business community aware of our brilliant event. Oxfam Trailwalker has the potential to strengthen connection amongst small business owners and their staff or friends in the Nifnex community; all for a greater global cause which aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Nifnex business model. We are truly excited and appreciative of this partnership and are looking forward to being part of the Expo!

Please tell us what Oxfam would like to achieve from raising the funds from the Trailwalker initiative?

Oxfam Trail walker’s primary objective is to raise significant funds that can be directed into any of our primary initiatives which include:- Emergency response/Disaster aid, Advocacy and Campaigning, and conducting Sustainability programs that encourage self-sufficiency.  We hope to improve our fundraising outcomes year on year by encouraging more people to participate, and in doing so, support and help further Oxfam’s outstanding work.


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