Surprising Items That Can Boost Your Productivity at Work

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For maximum productivity at work, employees, or business owners themselves need to adopt a healthy working environment. The workplace should help employees realize their full work potential and enjoy their work and put in more effort into it. These following items are meant to let employees realize just that. They might surprise you by their commonplace or unconventional nature, but their great effectiveness is similarly surprising as well. Here are five such unexpected items.

Standing Desk

It is stylish for efficient managers to equip their workplaces with standing desks. It serves to enhance body mechanics while being at the office and of course shrink sedentary discomfort to the very minimum through its ergonomic design. According to this article, you need to ensure the position and height is properly adjusted to reap all of its benefits. Using a standing desk lets you move around and stay away from a sedentary work routine that can have a negative impact on your health and body.  You can always look for detailed reviews and buying guides online to know the proper ergonomic features of a standing desk.


You might have observed how some of your employees immaculately keep everything organized. These types of people label almost all of their office items. While it is tempting to think that they go a bit overboard with staying organized, you will be surprised to learn how good an idea it is. Labels serve to enhance employee productivity at the workplace in several significant ways. It lets employees track and find things faster besides aiding movement. The effectiveness of labeling can be quite surprising and can save precious working hours. You can divert the time saved as a result, to more productive workplace activities. Labels serve to reduce the frustration of the employees as well.

But keep in mind that labeling needs not and should not turn into giving labels to all random items in your office or workplace. You need to be aware that workplace labels need to contribute to an organized workplace and not detract people. For people working out of offices, this means that they should label certain office supplies, which will help to track them when and as they need.


Being close to the people, places, and memories you cherish is a surefire way of pumping up your mood and morale. And the best way to keep them close to you while at work is through pictures of the same. It is little surprise that these people and places serve to motivate or uplift you. They remind you of your ultimate purpose, and that works to make you more productive. The simple thing you can do in this regard is to keep pictures of your dearest people, places, and things. It might be your beloved and family members and friends and images of your favorite sites and even photos of your pets somewhere you can see them with ease. If you are feeling demotivated or tired, the thing to do is have a look at them and get back to work with refreshed enthusiasm.

Desk Toys

There is growing medical evidence that seems to suggest that if you keep your hands busy with stress balls or slinky balls, that might work in your favor. It serves to help minimize stress and enhance your cognitive performance.

Scientists are thoroughly investigating the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement and the environment. The body of research in this field is growing by the day and has led to the emergence of a new field aptly entitled “embodied cognition”.

According to the noted neurologist and author Frank Wilson, physical engagement is an excellent idea if you want to boost your brain functioning. In his opinion, hands can serve as consciousness directors or tools or agents that let the mind achieve desirable mental states to achieve the desired outcome.


Both employers and employees are discovering the use of pets in the workplace. The workplace becomes happier, more flexible, and comfortable, and stress is reduced to a minimum when there are pets there. Pets serve to foster the feeling of amity among workplace members and lead to more good-hearted interactions. If you communicate better at the workplace, it, in turn, serves to create more trust. Trust is essential to business success, and it, along with clear communication, reduces rival stress. The end you get is better productivity, better morale, and less stress.

Some ways you can give your productivity levels a much-needed boost. They will serve you well whether you are working in an office or doing remote work or running a business. Productivity is one thing you can’t have enough of, so it is all well and good to enhance it. It will only work in your favor. With more research and the passage of time, we are learning more about how people are in their most productive days. And an element of surprise makes being productive even more rewarding. So, stay positive and be productive!


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